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Improving Reading Comprehension through the use of Guided Re

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Damion Hurst

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Improving Reading Comprehension through the use of Guided Re

This lack of fluency in their reading prevented them from creating meaning from the text, and they were unable to perform effectively on oral reading comprehension tests.
Observations done in a Grade Eight classroom in Kingston, Jamaica revealed that students read in a word by word by word fashion which affects comprehension. Evidence of this problem was also revealed in pre-tests which showed that students were performing below grade level in comprehension; however, when guided by the teacher comprehension grades improved. As such, the researchers wants to probe the direct correlation between guided reading, fluency, and comprehension.
Statement of the Problem
Data Collection Techniques
Tuckman (1978), posits that in order to study any theory in educational research, the researcher must first take a decision on the kind of data needed and then select or develop the instrument accordingly. The data collected should reflect the validity and reliability of the instrument.

As such, in this study, questionnaires will be used as one form of data collection. These items will be prepared and administered by the research team. An Observation Checklist will also be used to observe students’ behaviour, attitude, oral reading accuracy and reading fluency. And finally, Oral Reading passages will be given at the beginning and end of the program to assess students’ fluency level before the implementation of the program and after the program is implemented.

Examples of these
a) Questionnaires

b) Observation Check List

c) Pre & Post Test

Action Research Proposal
Improving Reading Comprehension through the use of Guided Reading

Damion Hurst
Rosemarie Levy
Dionne Henry
Stacey Howe
Barbara Kerr-Thompson
Keisha Brissette

Is there a correlation between Guided Reading , Fluency and students' ability to Comprehension?
Does poor fluency in reading increase under performance in student's reading ability?
How can a strategy such as Guided Reading be used to improve student's Reading Comprehension and Fluency?

Research Questions
These problems impact all areas of education and as evidenced in the performance targets for education shown in the "Task Force Report on Education', (2004):

a) National mean scores for reading in Grade 1 Readiness Inventory 37.2% the national target was 90%

b) Grade 4 literacy test 57.7% the national target 85%

c) GSAT Language Arts and Literacy scores 52% the national target 85%

d) Caribbean secondary School Examination 11.5% off all students sitting exams scores between grades 1 and 3 in five subjects including literacy and language arts. The national target is 60%.

The purpose of this study is to find out how Reading Comprehension and Fluency can be improved through the use of Guided Reading. This will determine if oral reading fluency provides a good index of reading success by assessing students growth in fluency, accuracy and comprehension through the use of guided reading instruction over a 12 week intervention program.
"Reading is the skill upon which success in every other academic area is based" (Burns, Griffins & Snow, 1998). It serves as a background for language learning, increases higher order reasoning skills, and encompasses writing, listening, speaking and all the communication skills needed to survive in the world. In addition, reading can be a therapeutic, fun and imaginative activity for children, which can open doors to all kinds of new worlds for them. It is against this background that most of their future academic endeavors lie.

key words
Guided Reading

Definition of key terms
1. Fluency : having facility in the use of the language; flowing smoothly and easily effortless

2.Guided Reading: An approach used with small groups of students to improve oral reading accuracy and fluency

3. Comprehension: Grasping the meaning of something; ability to understand

4. Staccato: Read one word at a time without making any connection

The research will be done in a Traditional high school in Kingston, Jamaica. A purposeful sampling strategy will be used to select 25 students who perform below grade level in a reading pre-test as well as who read in a staccato (word by word fashion).
This observation was done on
Direction: Place a tick beside the item that best describes the student's behaviour.
1. When participating in class discussions
____ rich
____ meaningful
____ mispronounced
____distinct and clear
____ incorrect sounds
___ expressive

Parents’ Questionnaire
Dear respondent,

You are asked to answer the questions below by putting a tick beside the options that apply to you or inserting a statement.
The information ascertained from this document will only be used for the purpose of academic research. You are not required to affix you name to the document to ensure your anonymity.

1. Do you read with your child at home? Yes No.

2. Do you like reading? Yes No

3. A part from purchasing reading materials on a booklist, do you purchase reading materials for your child/ward regularly? Yes No Sometimes

4.Do you believe that guiding your child will help him/her a become better reader?
Yes No

4a. List the materials you have available for the child to read.

Appendix A: Passage given at the Beginning of the Programme
Name: _________________________________________

Grade: _________________________________________

Fritz and Otto drew a line down the middle of their cozy house. Fritz lived on the right, Otto lived on the left. Fritz kept his things neat. Otto’s things were not exactly neat.
Fritz kept his things clean. Otto’s things were not exactly clean. Fritz could always find what he needed. Otto could never find what he needed.
But Fritz and Otto did one thing the same. They both made their breakfast cereal sweet with sugar. That was how their mom always fixed it. So Fritz and Otto shared the sugar jar,
(From Otto’s Mess)
(Leveled Reader)
Total Number of Words: _______________________
Total Number of Errors: ________________________
Reporting of results
Results from the research will be prepared to be shared with school leadership which includes principal and board. Presentation will be made in PowerPoint mode along with hard copies to promote a meaningful discourse.

Action Plan
Steps that must be taken for the strategy to succeed:

a) specific task/s
b) what will be done and by whom
c) Time horizon: when will it be done?

Copy Paper 1 pack 800 800
Stationery 500 500
Transportation 1 month 8,000 8,000
Cartridge (Black) 1 1,950 1, 950
Cartridge (Colour) 1 2,950 2, 950
Internet Cost 2 months 3,000 per month 6, 000
Food 4 months 3,000 12,000
Telephone bill 2 months 1,000 per month 2,000
Supervisors 1 2,000 per hour 8,000
Reading Test &Protocols 2 20,000 40,000

Total 82,200

Table 2: List of items to be used in research and estimated cost

The researchers believe that when we implement the Guided Reading strategy it will improve fluency and comprehension levels of the students.
12 Week Intervention Program

Week 1: deliver explanatory letters to stakeholders
administer pre-tests

Weeks 2 & 3: place students in 30 mins. per week class sessions

Weeks: 3, 4, & 5: build phonetic skills and sight vocabulary.

Weeks 6 & 7: model fluent reading.

Weeks 8 & 9: use context clues to increase vocabulary link lessons to real life
experiences (backward design)

Weeks 10 & 11: build literal, inferential, and critical comprehension skills, as well as

Week 12: evaluate program

a) provide data that will guide classroom instruction
b) well structured/designed reading program that will impact program planning
c) Improve instruction Techniques;
peer teaching, readers theater, authors chair
a) students’ may have a negative attitude towards reading
b) parents may not have adequate time to devote to helping children to read
c) students who are still at the frustration level may become easily distracted and become bored during guided reading session

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