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Auteur Directors

No description

gabrielle debby

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of Auteur Directors

Biographical Information
Why is Wes Anderson considered an auteur director? (PT 1)
Status Update
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Born: May 1, 1969 (age 48),
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Lives In
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Wes Anderson
Auteur Director

Movie Clips
Wes Anderson never attended any film schools but did go to:
-Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets
-University of Texas at Austin
(graduated with a degree in philosophy)
-St. John's School
There are no specific directors that influenced Wes Anderson because his original passion and interest was writing and to become a writer. It wasn't until he attended college were he knew he wanted to be a film maker for sure.
One of the largest impacts cinema had on Wes Anderson was the French New Wave Movement making him apart of that particular movement.
3 Films Directed:
Fantastic Mr. Fox (film)
Moonrise Kingdom
Isle of Dogs (film)
The Family,
and how your family can let you down terribly and also pull you back from the edge.
Sin, Redemption, and Forgiveness:
Sins in terms of doing the wrong thing intentionally. Ex. In one of his films Poppy abandons his family and Richie falls in love with his adopted sister. 
Sincere love:
In some films, the main character doesn't lie to himself about the one person he loves considering the actions taken when love wasn't reciprocated.
Anderson frequently uses pop music from the 1960's and 70's in his films, and one band or musician tends to dominate each soundtrack. The soundtracks for his films have often brought renewed attention to the artists featured.
Cat Stevens ,British Invasion
(PT 2)
Wes Anderson tends to stick with the same cinematographer throughout his films which is Robert Yeoman because of his unique techniques.
Recurring Cast:
Bill Murray
Owen Wilson
Distinctive Styles:
-Symmetry -Detailed characters
-Color Palette -Music
-Intricate story lines -Impressive sets
-Repeat use of same actors
Fantastic Mr.Fox Trailor
The Grand Budapest Hotel
By: Gabrielle Brown
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