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klondike gold rush

No description

Chris Santos

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of klondike gold rush

Klondike gold rush by Bryce Jager
At the end of the Klondike was the biggest city north of San Francisco and this put seattle on the map

Thank you for listening
cultural effects
During the boom
Years: 1869- 1899
Basic Facts
location: Klondike region Canada
How It All Began
The rush began when the s.s Portland docked in Seattle and a newspaper ran the headline "gold, gold in the Klondike"
Seattle prospered as merchant advertised the city as the gateway to the gold rush.
economic effects on WA
During the gold rush about 100 million dollars passed through Seattle
Seattle's port became a big for center ships leaving for the Klondike
40,000 of people trying to get to the Klondike came through Seattle
with all these people Seattle culture expanded, people from all over the country to Seattle and on to the Klondike
At the end boom
the boom ended in 1899 when miners found gold in Nome
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