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Activity 6.1 Visual Design Principles and Elements Identification

i like pineapple

Jackson Kinsey

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Activity 6.1 Visual Design Principles and Elements Identification

Jackson Kinsey Activity 6.1 Jumeirah Hotel Elements: Curved lines; Organic Shape based on a wave; Glossy looking texture Principles: Repeated floor levels; Unity; Proportionate Its a wall Elements: vertical and horizontal lines; many colors;
value goes from dark to light; geometrically shaped Principles: Color used for emphasis; regular rhythym;
Colors contrast Childrens' toy Elements: Diagonal lines; Circular shape; Colorful Principles: Colors add emphasis; Disproportionate Cool Table Elements: Curved Lines; Contrasting color; Firm, Slippery looking Texture Principles: Contrast; Unity; Regular Repetition Well, that's it. I'm all out of pictures Wait!! Whats under the couch!!??!!?? AAsian Building Elements: Diagonal and vertical Lines; Warm Colors; Octagonal Shape Balanced; Emphasis on white signs; Gradated Rhythym Conclusion Questions 1.How are visual design principles and elements utilized in a design? They are used to make a design look more appealing to attract more buyers. 2.Identify a product that you feel is aesthetically pleasing. What is it about the product that you find appealing? I find houses lit with Christmas lights aesthetically pleasing. The bright colors all around the house are appealing to me. 3.Identify a product that you don’t like the appearance of and identify the visual design principles and elements that lead to this feeling. An object I dont like the look of is Mr Lawhun's face. It is disproportionate and unbalanced. The color scheme contrasts, and the texture looks like it would feel like cottage cheese.
4.Identify the visual design principles and elements that were not used appropriately in some of the products shown.
In most of the pictures shown, the colors contrasted, and there was no definite shape. hehehe period
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