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Animals in my life

No description

kimberly robles

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Animals in my life

Animals in my life

When they died
how did they die
How did they act
what did the look like
My two ginypig
When she died
How did she died
what she did
How she act
how she looked
what did she look like
My Cat

When I got my cat
Naming time
when I named her
When I got my cat I was 8 yeas old I got her where my uncle lived at. My uncle told me to chooses a cat, so I can bring back home with me.
When I tried to name her, I really did not know what name to choose I had thought of names for her but I really did not know witch one to put her name as. Then I got an idea I got a bowel and tared pieces of papers apart when I was done taring the pieces of paper I got a pen and wrote names on them and when I was done writing names on them I would chooses one out of the bowel randomly. When I chooses one name the name was Pamela.
She looked like a baby kitten when i got her, she was small but not so small. She had white fur and black spots. she had long whiskers that tickle you
Pamela was not that lazy. She was a good kitty,sometimes she would jump on your leg and purr and sometimes she would start doing flips if you played with her.
She died last year in November but I don't know witch day because we did not see her for 2 days we thought that was hiding some where but she was on a long bored died my dad found her there like 2 days later and I saw her died I saw her when I was going to school and I got to pet her for the last time
when I got my ginypigs
when i got my ginypigs i was about 5 years old. i don't rember there names for some reason. the was i got them was because my moms friends was giving them away and my mom took them so i can have a pet. but it was a long time ago so i don't rember
did they behaved
They behaved really well i think its because they were in cages and stuff. They used to make a lot of noise and it used to be annoying
They had light brown fur and little white spot. They where so cut when the made a little nosis.They had small teeth..
They died when I was 7 years old. They die because before we gave them away they were OK,but when we gave them away to the people they feed them to much food ant they died like two months later.
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