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Differences between JSL vs ASL

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Leigha Schultz

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Differences between JSL vs ASL

General Differences
Within any language, there are many different dialects. Within JSL, there are at least three known dialects. ASL has no dialects, with little variation. Because of this, ASL is used internationally and at a professional level.
Differences between JSL vs ASL
JSL puts emphasis on mouthing to distinguish between various signs unlike ASL which uses very little.
Finger spelling (introduced in 20th century--sorry older folks!) is utilized in JSL, but never used in ASL.
JSL and ASL are similar, but oral JSL has a structure more like Japanese.
Different countries have different sign languages, why is this? They evolve just as normal languages do--they each have their own structure and grammar-- and can change continually. Individual people 'created' these signs in a private setting. When gathered into a public setting, these people eventually started standardizing these signs. Given a few generations, a few gestures can turn into a usable language.
Simple word differences
'It touched my heart'
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