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Introduction to Twitter. How to create an account. Customizing your blog. Following/Followers. How to construct tweets. Connect mobile phone.

ilona lantos

on 17 August 2010

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Transcript of Twitter

Getting Started With
What is “blogging”?
Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

intransitive verb
1: to utter successive chirping noises
2 a: to talk in a chattering fashion
b: giggle , titter
3: to tremble with agitation : flutter

transitive verb
1: to utter in chirps or twitters
<the robin twittered its morning song>
2: to shake rapidly back and forth : flutter
1. Create an email account
2. Create a Twitter account
What is Twitter?
What does "twitter" mean?
posts max. 140 characters long = tweets
micro-blog for networking with friends, families, professionals
web 2.0 technology
social media
participatory media
Web 2.0 = you read and
Web 1.0 = you read
(gather information)
3. Customize Your Twitter Page
4. Follow To Be Followed
5. Navigate the interface

control whom you follow and who follow you
Find people to follow: search, import from contacts, invite, recommended
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