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2013 Goodwill NLA Marketing and Development Plan

Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana

DJ Roman

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Goodwill NLA Marketing and Development Plan

Introduction Goodwill Industries of NLA Marketing & Development Plan D.J. Roman Susie Hill Marketing & Community Relations Manager Marketing & Community Relations Specialist Vision Goodwill will become the non-profit organization of choice for North Louisiana’s most influential individual, corporate, and
foundation donors. Mission Know the donor and grow the donor: Create awareness and develop stronger relationships that will educate and inspire donors to invest in our mission. Objectives 1. Increase Mission & Brand Awareness

2. Increase Donations & Funding Opportunities Keys to Achieving
Objectives 1. Increase Mission & Brand Awareness - Advertising (Paid, PSA, Public Relations) implement database program, social media campaigns and consistent mission and brand related signage

2. Increase Donations & Funding Opportunities - DEC, Stores and Community Involvement Region-wide
Advertising Campaign 1. Establish Media Campaigns in markets where we have traditionally not had a presence: Monroe, Alexandria, Ruston and Natchitoches

2. Increased Media Presence in Shreveport/Bossier City

3. Traditional Channels: Outdoor, Print, Radio, Television, Website and in-store signage

4. Added value (PSA) by leveraging media buys - $2 added value for every $1 spent

5. Leverage media buys to increase Public Relations (news stories, on-air interviews, etc.)

6. Non-traditional: Facebook ads to promote posts and increase followers - Smart phone app notifications Implement
Database Program 1. Incorporate a new POS system which will allow us to more accurately track donating and spending patterns of new and existing loyalty card holders

2. Merge and clean up all existing databases from retiring POS system

3. Merge retiring POS database with new POS System

4. Market to donors and buyers through e-mail campaigns and the mailbox Increase Social Media
Campaigns and Website Utilization 1. Continued utilization of Facebook via posts, images and blogs to increase mission awareness - increase likes to 4000 by the end of the year

2. Continue to utilize Twitter and find new ways to connect with and grow followers

3. Increased Utilization of YouTube to show mission videos

4. Increase utilization of other social media channels: Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

5. Perfect Smart phone app and utilize to enhance brand Increased and Consistent
Mission and Brand Signage 1. Develop store and DEC displays that enhance shopping experience and/or more effectively communicate the mission - we need to do a better job correlating the donation and shopping experience of Goodwill back to the mission

2. Branding and signs to consistently reflect the mission and accurately state operating procedures
correct inconsistent signage among stores and DEC's from a creative standpoint
correct inaccurate information that would create opportunities for dissatisfaction Community & Donation
Development 1. Corporate & Small Business Donation Drives

2. Community Donation Drives

3. Donations Committee - 5 New DECs - improve existing donation sites - create SOP for all DECs

4. Young Person Board - involve more young influential people in our community in Goodwill to increase support and awareness

5. Speakers Bureau

6. Community Partnerships (ex. Coats for Kids & Can food drive for Food Bank)

7. Faith Based Partnerships

8. Good Sam Development

9. Implement 3-month trial home pick-up for furniture Special Events & Fundraisers 1. Black Tie Bingo (March 2013) and secondary fundraiser at the end of Q3

2. Goodwill Week – May 2013

3. Employee Appreciation Day (HR)

4. Annual Awards Luncheon

5. Robinson Film Center – For Once In My Life

6. Alexandria Friendraiser

7. Monroe Friendraiser

8. Entertain/Research potential planned giving program Additional Initiatives 1. Develop an internal communications strategy - This will support the development of our desired culture and alignment of our staff with our brand and how we deliver on that brand in every aspect of our business.

2. Consolidate monthly newsletters (both internal and external) and send out on a more consistent basis

3. Implement a true customer service program to enhance overall customer satisfaction with the Brand Ultimately, our efforts will increase revenue allowing us to help more people! Rozann Frey Special Events Coordinator
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