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Personal Learning Networks

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Jordan Monteath

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Personal Learning Networks

Jordan Monteath
IDT 7078 Personal Learning Networks Connect I knew what PLNs were, but I only used the sites, like Twitter and Diigo, for class, mostly because I had to. I never understood the point of having to have the accounts for class. I have a Facebook, but for personal use. I never would have considered it for anything other than keeping up with friends and family. Now that I have read and researched exactly why these tools are good personal development tools, I understand why professors suggest we use them. There is so much that these tools offer.

The following picture represents just some of connections I discovered that I never really considered as networking. Extend In having an understanding of personal learning networking now, I am intrigued by the abundance of tools and utilizations there are. A PLN is a method of virtually linking people to sources and tools of information. These tools can be social sites to social bookmarking sites. I did not even really know what social bookmarking was until now. The idea of collecting your bookmarks in order to share with others really made me think about how this would be useful, especially for younger learners. Then, I realized that in developing this idea with younger students, it would allow for them to collaborate and participate in their own research and learning. The students can use bookmarking as a foundation, and then delve into other networks and tools to inquire and develop their learning further. Even writing this, my mind is wandering towards ways to incorporate it all together.

The following image represents the outlining uses for a PLN that became new ideas to me.
Challenge I have really become interested in the idea of PLNs. I know that most people already have some form of a PLN, especially Twitter and Facebook, but only for personal use. I am one of those. The question I now have is how do I go about separating the personal aspect from the professional aspect. Would you need to have two separate accounts?

Secondly, while I am intrigued by the idea of incorporating networking with learning, I still have apprehensions about knowing how to utilize it best, especially in a younger classroom. I cannot think of a bad reason for integrating it, but I just wonder to what extent do I go about doing so.
Both pictures came from Google Images
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