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No description

kayne mundell

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Jamaica

Double click anywhere & add an idea Food
curry goat acke [cod] rice and beans
Jamaica Arts and Culture music dance Accommodation grand lido Sandals dunn Hotels Museum curry cost 1.45 rice and beans cost $6 ackee cost 2.99 per pound
ackee has a texture of scrammble eggs curry goat texture is a medium soft religion crafts
rufus king's dinning room it takes $70 per person 91 dollars per person painting of fruits Historical Sites Bob Marley Museum Columbus Park Rose Hall Great House The Bob Marley Museum is located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston. The Rose Hall was built for a man that lost his wife and is on a hill and it attracks more than 100,000 tours a year. It is said to have been where Columbus put his foot when he first came to Jamaica. quadrille Outdoor Recreation football [soccer] basketball cricket
cricket is the most popular sport in jamaica Jamican most often praticed religion is Christianity.
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