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Leaf , Root, and Flower Scavenger Hunt

No description

kenna breckonk

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Leaf , Root, and Flower Scavenger Hunt

Leaf , Root, and Flower Scavenger Hunt
These leaves are a simple palmate leaf. They are also alternating leaves.
This plant is a simple leaf with smooth edges. It also has some lobes in them. The leaves are arranged in a whorl pattern.
This is a simple leaf with serrated edges.
This is a leaf with a cordate shape. It also has undulating edges.
4 points
1 point
3 points
2 points
This is a compound palmate leaf. Also has leaf galls.
This type of leaf is a needle. It is a round conifer needle and the tuft contains 5 or more needles
3 points
4 points
This is a conifer tuft containing 2 needles.
1 point
This leaf is an example of a simple pinnate leaf. It also has opposite leaves.
This is a leaf with a orbicular shape. It is round but the stem is parallel to lamina.
2 points
This is a dandelion, the seed case is designed to float or fly, It also has a hollow stem
2 points
This leaf shows an insect trail
2 points
This is a thick succulent leaf
2 points
This stem shows that is has stipules, it occurs at the base and can be leafy or spiny.
2 points
2 points
2 point
This is a irregular flower because of it's bilateral symmetry
Parts of a leaf
3 points
Pine cones
1 point
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