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Running Special Programs Without a Special Programs Background - Weatherford ISD

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Todd Jones

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Running Special Programs Without a Special Programs Background - Weatherford ISD

Intro and Background
6A High School

STACI (Structured teaching and communication intervention)
FLS (Functional life skills)
FAS (Functional academic skills)
Deaf Education
PIC (Positive Intervention Class)
Inclusion (Content Specific)
Roo Force/VTC
SpEd and 504
How to prepare for this as a leader....

Needs Assessment
Meet with teachers/department head/CAL to establish vision/plan
Look at schedules and assign staff
PD to entire staff regarding communication in ARDS and 504s
Include Students
Relationships are key!
Prep parents prior to ARD
Review goals with student and teacher
Encourage partnerships with parents
Schedule a staffing if needed
Establish a process for this
Schedules - Consider the Options
Base it on student need
Consider moving away from resource/FAS classes
Match setting with student success: Always seek to find the least restrictive environment that a student can achieve success
Smaller class sizes are better
5 or less is ideal (5/22)
Work to find PLC times for Co-Teach groups (Be creative!)
Scheduled a conference period across the period schedule to ensure teachers are available for ARDs
Match needs of students to strengths of staff

SpEd and 504 Services
Look to match student need with teacher fit
Find ways for inclusion teachers to PLC with gen ed teachers
Inform staff of common ARD and 504 meeting locations
Explain the why behind attendance at ARDS
Establish and open lines of communication between student, teachers, diagnosticians, testing coordinator, special programs staff, and principal.
Open Channels
Open Channels
Build the relationships
Involve the stakeholder
Celebrate the success (Social Media or Website!)
Prepare staff how to discuss concerns in ARDs
Special Programs: What You Need to Know!
Prepare instructional aides/paras for instruction
PD on.....
Deaf Education
March meeting: Discuss incoming student need
Discussion in ARDs: Case Mangers meet with student prior to check for needs
Use case managers to help with transition goal setting
Have a CTE representative in all ARDs to ensure pathways are clear
Provide information about school programs within the school walls such as pre-VTC programs or VTC programs.
Provide outside agency information. What are the common and community connections
Community Partnerships
CPS (When to call?)
Medicaid Billing
Texas Department of Human Services (TDHS)
Food Stamps
Local Resources
House of Hope
Good Will
Crossroads Ministries
Transportation Services
Case Mangers
Two Options
Assign case managers based on students that they will see in their classes that year

Assign case managers based on students they will see over 3-4 years
Balance students as needed
Keep higher need students assigned with specialized personnel (STACI, FLS)
Setup first contact plan with case managers
Review goal writing
Remember, be SMART!
Testing Decisions
Run testing list early on
Review constantly with dept head, teachers, testing coordinator, and diagnosticians
Have case managers continually check to see that accommodations and supplemental aides are consistently used
Talk to special education teachers and find out what their needs are
Help teachers that are testing to be comfortable with supplemental aides or accommodations provided

Objective: Today we will reflect on our own schools special programs practice and the special programs practices learned at Weatherford High School
2 Campuses
10-12 Campus 1650 Students
9 Campus 600 students
Today's Meet:
Post questions, comments, processes, that are working for you
Support Needs
Meet with director of special programs
Discuss vision (alignment)
Needs of campus
Staffing options/need
PD Support and Plan
Curriculum for students
Section 504
Just as litigious as SpEd
Counselors run 504 meetings
Documentation in central location
Short term placements are okay
Student Involvement
Encourage students to get involved with special education students
Open up avenues
Create projects that help them grow in their relationships with special programs students
Use specialized CTE courses to bridge students together
Special Situations

Innovative Programs
Project Sensory
Innovative Programs
Check for accuracy
Check for need
Review for student growth
Documentation Practice
Time Limited

Temporary assignment
Stay-Put Rule
3 prong test
Serious Bodily Injury
Roo Force

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