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Sharon Pandian Kingsley

on 1 December 2009

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Transcript of Eskimos

Eskimos WHO are they? Eskimos were the indeginous inhabitants

of Canada. The group that lived in

canada were called the Inuits. The

general term for an Inuit member is Inuk. WHAT are they're beliefs and traditions? Some Inuit looked into the aurora borealis, or northern lights, to find images of their family and friends dancing in the next life. However, some Inuit believed that the lights were more sinister and if you whistled at them, they would come down and cut off your head. A tale that is still told to children today. WHERE did they live? The Inuit people lived in parts of Canada, where there was ice and snow. They lived in igloos made from blocks of ice. They went hunting, fishing and other daily activities. HOW did they live? Inuit people lived in igloos made by blocks of ice, they lived in small families. They wore thick clothing made from animal skins and furs. WHEN did they live here? The Inuit prople lived from 1,500 - 2000 years ago. THey lived undisturbed for a long time until they came into contact with the Vikings. For some reason settlement failed and the Vikings and the last record of them is from 1408.
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