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No description

gina geneva

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of deforestation

If we don't stop deforestation soon, there wont be any rainforests left on the earth in the future . In paragraph 10 of "Saving the Amazon" it said "another 9 percent of what's left could be gone by 2030." This makes me think that no one is doing anything to save the rainforests and in a blink of an eye our rainforests could be gone.
that people don't care about how deforestation is destroying our water supply. In paragraph 4 of "Reporting On The Rainforest" the author stated that "the Amazon basin supplies 1/5 of the world's water, supporting both human life and providing water for over 10 million kinds of plants, animals, and insects." From this i have come to understand that if the Amazon rainforest is destroyed so will the basin, which means that our water supply will go down.
Alternatively, others may claim that we need to cut down trees to create more land because our population is increasing .
Although there are many other rainforests in the world, the Amazon is one of the biggest and gives us many resources and homes.
I maintain this position because . . . .
i also believe. . . .
An equally important reason is. . . .
if the Amazon is destroyed then so will the medicines to cure horrible diseases. An example from paragraph 8 in wealth in the rainforest "Today, doctors treat Hodgking disease and Leukemia with drugs made from this plant." From this i have come to understand that if the Amazon is destroyed so will cures for terrible disease.
However, I think...
we should save the trees instead of cutting them down. We need all the plants for medicine to help sick people & tree give off oxygen that we need to survive. I believe this because evidence from paragraph 16 in Wealth In The Rainforest states "Today almost 50 percent of our rainforest are gone.About one and a half acres of rain forest disspear every second.
I have researched this topic a lot...
And even though there are many rain forests in this world the Amazon does and gives us many homes and resources. Therefore we must stop deforestation so that medicines, homes, and oxygen aren't destroyed/cut off.
video on deforestation.
pictures on deforestation
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