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History of Bow and Arrow

A bow and arrow is one of the oldest weapons invented by man. It is still in use today.

Rachel Gamber

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of History of Bow and Arrow

The History of the Bow and Arrow 20,000 B.C. first known people to use the bow and arrow were the Egyptians mostly in Middle East The Hittites, Assyrians, and Chinese changed the design to fit their specific needs Early on mostly for wartime and hunting purposes Arrows-relatively straight body, calledthe shaft, a stone tip, and feathers for stability while firing saved many lives evolved with time stone arrowheads were replaced by bronze, then iron An arrowhead could tell you which group of people or culture the arrow had belonged to Native Americans identified tribes by looking at arrowheads In 1200 BC the Assyrians invented composite bows Consisted of: wood core with horn glued to the interior curve and sinew glued to the exterior curve design made it more powerful Bows were first made out of a pliant wood string with a string made of animal gut allowed humans to kill from a distance with fair accuracy As techonology has improved and people have gained knowledge... the bow and arrow have becaome more advanced as well Safety Rules never point a bow and arrow at another person NEVER shoot straight up into the air NEVER shoot somewhere that you cannot see Check bow regularly for cracks or twists Check the condition of your bowstring regularly Don't draw a bowstring back further than the length of the arrow Don't draw string back unless there is an arrow in it At practice ranges, the only safe place is behind the shooting line Wait for a verbal approval or signal from Instructor before shooting Carefully follow all instructions given by your instructor
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