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O2 @Citadel High:

No description

Debra Wilson

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of O2 @Citadel High:

O2 @Citadel High:
What our graduates are saying...

This is program that changes lives...
"I am grateful and thankful for the whole O2 and coop experience - it has changed my view of life. Three years ago, I was nearly kicked out of school and now I'm on the Honour Roll, I have a scholarship and I'll be walking across the stage. I'll be forever grateful for this opportunity!"
What positives have you gained from O2?
If I didn't go with O2, I wouldn't have had this positive chain reaction in my life
It's fun to go out once a week and work with other people
I was sure I wanted to be a carpenter but then I tried it and realized I didn't like it, instead I like what I'm doing now
What positives have you gained from O2?I
Getting to see a wide array of jobs
Getting the work experience
Improving my social skills
Made the experience through high school pretty smooth
That I want to go to college and I'm happy with my choice
Things I Learned About Myself...
I'm a hard worker when I put my mind to it
If you calm down, it's easier.
I'm better off now than the majority of students
I have a lot more talent than I showed.
I'm not scared of hard work.
If something needs to be done, I'll persist until it is.
I'm more confident about myself: at first I didn't want to speak to anyone and now I'm like "Listen to me!"
I know what it feels like to be really alive and human.
One more thing I'd like to say...
O2 has been a great experience and I have already recommended it.
Three of the best years I've had in school; it actually made me want to keep coming back every day.
Awesome program; they should have it around for many years.
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