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From the Desk of Mrs. Maria Boyd

Back to School Night: August 20, 2015

Maria Boyd

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of From the Desk of Mrs. Maria Boyd

From the Desk of Mrs. Maria Boyd
Welcome to 5th Grade
Mrs. Maria Boyd
11 years of teaching
worked in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Keppel Union School Districts
Bachelor of Arts, major in Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University (accredited, an extension of Loyola Schools)
Masters Degree in Elementary Education, Loyola Marymount University
permission slip for Family Life
permission slip for Good Touch-Bad Touch
brochure for information on syllabi and grading system

email: mariaboyd@la-archdiocese.org (respond within
24 hours; except on weekends)
phone: (661) 273-5555
journal: written note on your child's homework journal

Check progress
Headmaster Online: parent and student log-on codes
Accelerated Reading (AR)
Star Reading and STAR Math (administered at the beginning of each trimester and at the end of the school year)
homework 15%
participation 15%
informative assessment 15%
chapter test 15%
unit test 20%
project/Mathletics 20%
total 100%

Religion Language Arts
Cross Country: no grade below C and no more than 3 demerits
field trips:
the Griffith Observatory in October
Grace Resource Center throughout the year (service learning project)
website: mariaboyd4.weebly.com
(for lessons, homework, class project, and school activity updates)
Room Parent: Mrs. Derfler
Flipping the classroom
Assigned reading, followed by in-class exercises.
Writing (Cornell) notes when reading texts.
Address questions or clarify concepts in class during discussion.
Approach mostly used in Science and Social Studies.
RCL Benziger: Sacraments
Family Life: introduction to sex education (marriage and pro-creation)
Good-Touch, Bad-Touch (sexual abuse and bullying)

Domains in Language Arts: Reading - Literature and Informational Text, Foundational Skills; Writing; Speaking and Listening; and Language
Vocabulary Workshop: contextual learning for vocabulary development and building vocabulary strategies
Grammar Workshop: grammar, usage, and mechanics
understand and apply number theory and fractions
organize and interpret tables, graphs, and diagrams
work with geometric figures
explore algebraic concepts such as coordinate plane and integers
Policy on assignments:
homework/projects are due on the given date; NO EXTENSIONS (except when absent due to illness)
late work not accepted = zero grade (cannot be made up; no demerit will be given)
Looking forward to another great year!
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