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Beyond the Private Sector: Entrepreneurship for Good

No description

Myles Lock

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Beyond the Private Sector: Entrepreneurship for Good

Beyond the Private Sector: Entrepreneurship for Good
"I will blaze a trail by..."

I, Elizabeth Gore, will blaze a trail by challenging and inspiring entrepreneurs to incorporate social good into their missions and business models and connecting them to humanitarian causes.

I, Erica Kochi, will blaze a trail by making the private sector aware of the life-changing innovations and how they can support the solutions being developed on the ground.

The United Nations CAN and DOES work with Entrepreneurs
The United Nations Foundation has brought together some of the brightest entrepreneurs through the Global Entrepreneurs Council to take the UN and the UN Foundation – and our campaigns, partnerships, and programs – to the next level of innovation and impact.

Council members represent various industries including, corporate, creative community, and media and have a proven track record of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and advocacy on global issues.
UNHCR/Ikea Refugee Shelter
UN OCHA Humanitarian Kiosk
Zynga/WFP Farmville Game
UNDP/UN Millennium Campaign's
MY World Global Survey
Activity (split into 2 groups)
How do you define "Social Good"?

How do you define "Innovation"?
Inspiring definitions and quotes:
Social Good Innovation
"Fresh ideas that create value." -Deloitte

"It is not how many ideas you have. It’s how many you make happen." - Anonymous

"The best ideas lose their owners and take on lives of their own." -N. Bushnell

At the UN Foundation, we have defined innovation as 3 types across 3 stages:
Types: organizational, process, and product
Stages: pilot, adapt and scale, replicate
"The capitalism-based definition of business states that companies exist only to provide the maximum possible return to shareholders." -Investopedia

"Don't be evil." - Google

Muhammad Yunus:
Created and designed to address a social problem
A non-loss, non-dividend company
How can YOU make a humanitarian impact?
Partner with other organizations
Focus on impact
Frame a new way of thinking
Look across your organization at core assets that can save lives
Understand the triple bottom line
Elizabeth Gore Erica Kochi
As the first ever Entrepreneur in Residence at the United Nations Foundation, Elizabeth works to foster innovation at the United Nations and chairs the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. She builds global partnerships and cause marketing strategies implemented in programs and campaigns supporting the humanitarian issues of the United Nations.
Where entrepreneurship meets humanitarianism
Cell phone
Bed net
Rapid-fire Brainstorm!
UNICEF Innovation Labs
New ideas and approaches are important to UNICEF’s work and we aim to engage and partner with the right organizations and individuals from the public, academic, and to support us by co-developing user-driven innovations.
private sectors
Erica Kochi co-founded and co-leads UNICEF’s Innovation Unit, a group tasked with identifying, prototyping and scaling technologies and practices that improve UNICEF’s work on the ground. Erica also serves as Innovation Advisor to UNICEF’s Executive Director. Working with partners in private sector, academia, and international development, the Innovation Unit supports UNICEF’s 135+ country offices in the practical application of design and technology to strengthen international development outcomes.
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