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AP Style

No description

Keren Moros

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of AP Style

Where you at?
Where r u?
Verbing and Verbiage
In general, nouns (things and ideas) and adjectives (descriptors) are one hyphenated word while verbs (actions) are two words.

Noun: He hasn't taken the
Verb: Did he
break up
with you?

Adjective: He didn't help with the
process last night.
Verb: Let's
clean up
Dollar$ and ¢ents
$5, $6.50, $5 billion, 10 cents, 2 cents

5 percent, 25 percent
Number Sense
When's that meeting?
It's a date!
Call me (by my proper name), maybe?
Kate McKay has disappeared suddenly. McKay's secretary said she left last night's dinner to elope.
President Holden Tarravella presided over the meeting. Tarravella believes that the new club rules will advance the club's cause.
Practice Makes Perfect
AP Style
It's the Little Things You Write
Use quotation marks with composition titles: books, films, songs, etc.

Exceptions: magazines, reference books and newspapers

The New York Times reported that the Encyclopedia Britannica will be adapted into a new film called "All You Need to Know," featuring the song "This Again."
Dec. 12
Wednesday, Dec. 12

5 p.m.
5 in the afternoon

a.m. and p.m.
A.M. and P.M.

1 p.m.
1:00 p.m.

12 p.m.

12 a.m.
Spell out state names and place a comma before and after state names when used with a city.

He was traveling from Nashville, Tennessee, to Austin, Texas, en route to his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She said Cook County, Illinois, was Mayor Daley’s stronghold.

Use New York state when necessary to distinguish the state from New York City.

Use state of Washington or Washington state when necessary to distinguish the state from the District of Columbia.
They had 10 station wagons and two buses.

The Goldbergs had four four-room houses, 10 three-room houses and 12 20-room houses.

He lives on Sixth Avenue and I live on 10th Avenue.

Prince George of Cambridge is third in line to the throne, and Zara Tindall is 15th in line.
The Associated Press

not-for-profit news cooperative
owned by American newspaper and broadcast members
committed to the highest standards of objective, accurate journalism

The AP Stylebook

provides a uniform presentation of the printed word
makes a story written anywhere understandable everywhere

We use AP style
to be consistent
to be clear
to know that everyone is on the same page
Feb. 14, 1987, was the target date.

He came back home on Dec. 3.

They are getting married in August.

That movie came out November 2013.
Feb. Aug.

What is AP Style?
1. You are the 5th person with a Masters Degree I've met at this party.

2. Please be sure to come at 12 noon, as we would like to end the party by five P.M.

3. Mildmannered Mr. Clark Kent has worked at the “Daily Planet” for over twelve years.

4. His cousin is surprisingly intelligent for being only three years old.

5. If I have fifty cents and you have twenty dollars, then I think it’s obvious who should pay for the meal. It's not as if I have over a million dollars.

6. Though Clara was born in Columbia, SC, she resides in Sunrise, FL.

7. They were married on Sunday, April 14 but celebrate their anniversary on October 13. This is because thirteen% of April anniversaries are illegal in CA.

8. I told him to watch Rise of the Guardians, but he thought I was talking about Legend of the Guardians. He's watched about eight to ten percent of his DVDs.

9. The “New York Times” reviewed a recently-discovered Pearl Buck novel called The Eternal Wonder. The book will be released on Tuesday, July 19.

10. Dr. Jon LeBeau, Ed.D., is protesting at the basketball try outs this summer. A fan of the film Air Bud, Dr. LeBeau believes the try outs should be open to dogs.

11. Jack Richard, Head Coach of the team, said he isn't concerned about LeBeau's protest. Coach Richard said it was Mr. LeBeau's twentieth protest.

12. Mr. Perry White, editor in chief of the "Daily Planet," used to be an investigative reporter. He believes the League of Reporters is going to breakup the mafia.

13. Did you just hangup on me? Aren't you the most easily-annoyed person ever?

14. I don’t fear lending my hand held device to my one-year-old.

15. On Sunday, October 5th, at seven a.m. in the morning, students will listen to Dr. Helen Russell, Associate Professor of History, discuss why 3% of faculty checkout after 3 yrs. The talk will take place in Plantation, FL.
blast off (v.)
blastoff (n. and adj.)

drop out (v.)
dropout (n.)

hard line (n.)
hard-line (adj.)
hard-liner (n.)


handheld (n.)
hand-held (adj.)

mix up (v.)
mix-up (n. and adj.)

slowdown (n.)
slow down (v.)

smash up (v.)
smashup (n. and adj.)

tie in (v.)
tie-in (n. and adj.)

rank and file (n.)
rank-and-file (adj.)
change up (v.)
change-up (n. and adj.)

crack up (v.)
crackup (n. and adj.)

second guess (n.)
second-guesser (n.)
second-guess (v.)


every day (adv.)
everyday (adj.)

follow up (v.)
follow-up (n. and adj.)

high-five (n.)
high-fived (v.)

pile up (v.)
pileup (n. and adj.)

prime time (n.)
primetime (adj.)

hit and run (v.)
hit-and-run (n. and adj..)
Always use numbers with ages, measurements, distances, sports scores and room numbers.

The newspaper's meeting will take place in Room 104.

Though only 14 years old, my sisters runs 5 miles each day.

My 5-year-old cousin loves "Cars."

Michael is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

The Knights won the game 10-4.
Spell out numbers under 10.
Use numerals for numbers 10 and above.
associate degree
bachelor's degree
master's degree
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Science

John Jones, assistant professor, loves the program.
Not: John Jones, Ph.D., assistant professor, loves the program.

Executive Dean Gina Darcy and Associate Dean Helen Law . . .
Not: Gina Darcy, Executive Dean, and Helen Law, Associate Dean, . . .
Two-word adjectives are hyphenated before a noun. Often, the same words will not have a hyphen when used as a noun.

Noun: The
front page
looks fantastic.
Adjective: Should this be a
Multi-word adjectives: The
times are the quietest, but that's just my

Adjective with -ly adverb: That is an
easily remembered
Use "more than" or "less than"
Don't use "over" or "fewer than"
She spent
more than

$2,000 on the dress.
The project will cost
less than
$12 million to $14 million
12-15 percent
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