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Family Timeline

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philip Provencher

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Family Timeline

Family Timeline Hunter Gatherer Family it? What were the functions of the various members? What made the family change overtime? Agricultural Families Pre-Industrial Family Industrialized Family The Family Unit is made up of a man and a woman who work full time in search of food
Man and woman have children who adapt to theses duties as well Women were responsible for gathering fruits, nuts, grains, herbs, and small prey.
They were also responsible for nurturing young children and gathered plants for medicinal purposes
Men were the hunters and the toolmakers.
Had to leave the family for long periods of time to hunt Who made up the family un Who makes up the family Unit Large Families because more people were needed to work on the land and tend the animals.
Mother, Father and usually many children are produced do to the large amount of labor
There would be a monogamy, or having one martial partner What were the functions of various members Women cared for children and handled domestic work, along with toiling in family fields
Men would help with the farming production of wealth mainly for the family. non- farming men would become builders, merchants, and politicions
Children would be introduced to working at a very young age and have roles with the farming or around the house Who made up the family Unit Father who was the head of the household
Mother would stay home and care for the children and maintain the home What were the the functions of various members Men and Women usually worked side by side as they cleared the land and farmed or as they attempted to establish a business
Men were dominant in public community life, and women were expected to confine their activities to the family household.
Children by the age of seven or eight began to assist in the economic activities of the family, generally in work dictated by their gender Contemporary Family Who made up the Family Unit? Mother who would stay at home and care for children
Father who worked out in the public to support the family What were the functions of various families? Primary Role of the women were nurturers who worked at home and were supported financially by there husbands.
Men were money-earners who worked to provide for their wives and children. Who made up the family unit The change from hunter-gatherer to agricultural societies and spread of agriculture to other parts of the world changed the fundamental structure of families. What made the family change overtime? rapid population increase, in growth of villages and towns.
Commerce, technology, and crafts developed What made the family change overtime? the industrial revolution heralded the unprecedented change in human family system, particularly with the status and roles of women and children.
The economic shifted from one based on agriculture to one based on factory production, work became something done outside the family home to earn a wage. What made the family change overtime? New political, economic, and social pressures of life have changed in the family structure.
Women now started working outside of the to supplement family incomes. Mother who can work full time and earn a income
Father works and also earns an income for the family
Children go to school and go into the workforce starting with small jobs usually by there mid teenage years. What were the functions of various members? Both mother and Father do maintain, physical, social, addiction of members, maintain morale, behavior, and produce money for the family members. 100,000 B.C.E 7,500 B.C.E 0 B.C.E 1600's 1900's 2000's Children are raised by there parents, go to school from kindergarten to high school then go to college or university if successful through high school to achieve a career
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