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Pros and Cons of Sleep

No description

Joash Duga

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Sleep

Pros and Cons of Sleep
There are many benefits of getting sleep and here are some:

-Keeps the skin fresh
-Reduces stress
-Makes you more alert in school
-Less depression
-May prevent Cancer and other sickness
Cons of not getting sleep
You might not care about sleep but this is what you
-Aggressiveness and sadness
-Drowsiness leads to accidents
-Prone to pimples
-Limits the ability to learn
-Leads to weight gain
Solutions to sleep
-Take naps
-Do not drink or eat any products containing sugar
-Sleep at the same time everyday leading to better sleep
-Make a sleep schedule consisting of your planned sleep and wake-up time





By Joash and Kelvin
Why do we need sleep and how much should we get?
Our bodies regulate sleep in much the same way that they regulate eating, drinking, and breathing. This suggests that sleep serves a similar critical role in our health and well-being.

A normal teenager should get about 8-9 hours of sleep.Most teenagers doesn't get that much sleep causing bad consequences.
Pros of getting enough sleep
Thank you for watching!:3
Interesting Facts: True or False?
-No one knows if other species dream but some do have the same sleep cycles to humans.
-Humans spend a third of their life sleeping. That is about 25 years.
-Sleeping less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectancy.
-Lack of sleep can cause weight gain of 2 pounds under a week.
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