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Electricity Unit: Section 4.1

Sources of Energy

Kristal John

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Electricity Unit: Section 4.1

Sources of Energy
What are the 4 different types?
Forms of Energy
Textbook pages 244-251
Student notes page 122 - 126
Kinetic energy
Energy in motion!
Chemical Energy
energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules
What is the form of energy most used in Canada?
kinetic energy
How is kinetic energy converted to electrical energy?
by using a generator
Wind turbine
What are sources of energy
in Ontario?
Renewable sources
cannot be replaced/restocked in a human lifetime
Non-Renewable Sources
What factors should you consider when choosing an energy source?
Time to take out your student packages
Student Notes
turn to page 122!
sources that can be replaced/restocked in a human lifetime
Geothermal Energy
Wind Energy
Biomass Energy
Tidal Energy
How it works...
Impact on society
Do we have the technology yet?
Impact on the ecosystem
What's the cost?
Nuclear Energy
Electrical Energy
Energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
Sources of
Top 3 Sources
Nuclear reactor
emitting lots of
spins turbines
sends energy to
Burns fossil fuels
steam causes turbines
to spin
Spins due to water
spinning the turbines.
sends energy to
sends energy to
Hydro Energy
Solar Energy
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