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English powerpoint, Issues of haling in Australia

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Helena Meneses

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of English powerpoint, Issues of haling in Australia

2014, before the ban on whaling in Australia



English powerpoint, Whaling Tragedies in Australian Waters
By yours truly :)
Sea Shepherd says Nisshin Maru crew scrambled to hide the slaughtered whale when the helicopter approached. (Supplied: Sea Shepherd)
Personally I believe that the Japanese fleets have no right to perform their gruesome whaling rituals, even if they do claim it's for "scientific purposes". The waters were protected and is an Australian Sanctuary in order to protect the whales from being further hunted. The loophole for the fleets to kill the whales for scientific purposes is a ridiculous excuse, and the Australian Government is doing a worse job for failing to act out against the fleets. Claiming it is "deeply disappointing" isn't good enough and does no justice towards the crime being committed
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