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Abstract 3D Wood - 51813

Available at Prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Abstract 3D Wood - 51813

Separate elements
White transparent rectangle
This PNG file you can cop anyway you like!
Brown transparent rectangle
3mm to 1mm thickness acetal
Weight savings
Compliance for absorbing impact energy
Slots added for motor mounting
Base Plate
Circuit testing
Wing Skin

'A' frame
Front wheels
L3 Build Presentation - Group 7
This prezi template and more inspiration at:

Minimal weight increase
Larger wing area
Initial ribs too thin, fragile, discontinuous
Additional thickness around trailing edge
Wing Ribs
Ensure a working circuit
Program trinket for gradual motor acceleration -> No slippage
Rubber 'O' rings added
Increased grip
Maximum acceleration
First Test
Critical dimensions preserved
Reinforce materials around weak sections
Summary of Component Revisions
1) Base Plate: 3mm -> 1mm for weight reduction
2) Wing: Aspect Ratio 5 for larger area
3) Front wheel: Rubber 'O' ring added for extra grip
4) 'A' frames: 3mm foam -> 1mm acetal
Stronger & does not break
Further Improvements
support rib
support rib
no s
Improving the directional stability on the ramp
Preserving the wing's aerodynamic shape
Adjustment of tail setting angle
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