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Bottlenose Dolphins

No description

Jovani Castillo

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins have one of the most sophisticated communication systems in the animal kingdom In general Bottlenose Dolphins And one more thing... the benifit Large Brains Signs and Symbols Larger brains have the capability for advanced levels of intellectual accomplishment, including the development of natural language Now I bet your're wondering what do dolphins have in common with humans...hmmmmm????? Well let me tell you How do dolphins use language? Dolphins use a sophisticated body of squeaks, whistles, grunts and clicks to communicate with one another When human measures for intelligence are applied to other species, dolphins come in just behind humans in brainpower. Hello!!!!! Learning the Human Language dolphins are able to differentiate the relationship between two objects by the gestures of a person's arms and hand. this skill allows them to take action to those objects through Dolphins share common convergent characteristics with humans they are highly intelligent animals these dolphins also display a quickness of understanding symbols A mother dolphin may whistle
to her newborn for days to imprint
a signature whistle upon her
baby that will enable
it to recognize her. All of these findings could strengthen the claim that dolphins are the world's second most intelligent animals.
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