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Facts about slenderman

Mellanie Dominguez

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Slenderman

Slenderman Slenderman What is Slenderman? "The Slenderman is an 8 to 12 foot tall shadow creature, he has no face, and has been blamed for many abductions (particularly children)"

-Nick Swain How he is described "He lives unlike any human being despite having a similar appearance to one. It is uncertain if he is uncertain if he is social or understands humans."

-Victor Surge Where is he seen? Slenderman is usually seen in dreams or in the woods at night Who saw him? Thomas Nealy's daughter Jessica was abducted by slenderman.

Thomas was face to face with slenderman. What I think In my opinion, I think that slenderman is fake

I don't think he's real
-Mellanie Extra details Slenderman has no face, he targets bad kids that go in the forest Pictures He looks somewhat like a human and a spider and hes abnormally tall Bibliography -Slenderman created in "Something Awful"

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