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Women in Anglo-Saxon Culture

No description

Britney Osborne

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Women in Anglo-Saxon Culture

The roles of the Ango-Saxon women depended on the status they had in their community. Even with high or low status most of the women were put into the wife role. Their roles would be to oversee the slaves,clean,take care of children, and to be the hostess for guest. The women did not usually prepare the food. The men would prepare the food and the women would serve the drinks.
What were their roles?
Did you know that some women were allowed to marry who they want without an arranged marriage. They even could refuse a marriage proposal. They were also allowed to own land if it was a marriage contract. A marriage contract is given to the lady to persuade her to marry him. If the husband and wife were aristocratic or free they would have the same rights, and would equaling own land. For example, if a man was rich he would give his wife everything he owned including land, money and lifestock.
What were their rights?
Clothing during Anglo-Saxon time period varied from woven cloth and animal skin. Women got the wool from goat and sheep was spun to make thread. They used weave to thread to the cloth.
Clothing styles depended on different regions.If you were an Anglo woman, your dress would be fastened with a long broach. A Saxon woman would wear a round broach. During special occasions both women and men wore garlands of flowers
How did they dress?
Women in Anglo-Saxon Culture
By: Britney Osborne and Jessica Lewis

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