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el Bulli

By Macon, Justine, Adam, Ben and Elliot

Macon Blount

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of el Bulli

OPTION 1: Franchise Around the World PROS:
· Cater to more customers
· Less traveling needed
· Expansion of brand name PEST POLITICAL-
Spanish food regulations
Spanish Labor Laws Background Information Option 2: Raise Prices and Stay Open Year Round OPTION 3: Expanding the elBulli Name Licensing
Extracurricular Promotions and Expansion El Bulli Case Study SOCIAL/ CULTURAL
Health and safety concerns
Translating the unique food experience
Culturally acceptable practices ECONOMIC
Spanish economy
import/export fees
lower "spontaneous spending",
negative GDP
EU confidence is up
Singapore with the highest Market Potential Index in 2011 TECHNOLOGICAL
Equipment used to create dishes
Exporting to other countries--infrastructure? SWOT STRENGTHS
High demand
Michelin recognition
Worldwide recognition OPPORTUNITIES
New regions to exploit
Branding commercial food
Brand association- culinary academy
Expanding existing ventures WEAKNESS
Limited capacity
Limited operating days
Rare and fresh ingredients needed daily
"freedom for creativity" time
Long working hours
Hard to be profitable in the top-rated restaurant business THREATS
Other entrants into the "molecular gastronomical" cuisine market
Poor Spanish economy PEST ANALYSIS CONS:
· Loses it’s authentic feel
· Needs to be open in the right places
· More research
· More competition
· High start up costs SWOT OPPORTUNITIES:
· Restaurant industry has been growing
· Successful and free-market society THREATS:
· Free-Market society
· Increasing Competition STRENGTHS:
· New type of food choice/restaurant option
· High GDP
· High influx of imports/foreign investments
· Very dense population, close to each other
· Low political risk WEAKNESSES
· Industry is highly saturated
· Profitability ratio’s dropped in all food and beverage sectors
· New culture of doing business High GDP CONS:
· Could be too expensive for some people
· Goes against what Ferran Adria wants the El Bulli to be
· Takes away from the traditional research that El Bulli does PROS:
· Make more money
· Cater to a more upscale clientele
· Can serve more than 8,000 people Adria and his team Air Baguettes Apple Rose Each chef adds their own element. Ferran Adrià Pros and Cons PROS:
Promote Brand Awareness
Source of Income without large investment and marketing
Enter new markets with relative ease
Opportunity to expand name to new products CONS:
Obvious need for quality control
Need to ensure the El Bulli experience is maintained with all products
Requires strict selection of partners
Possibility of losing some of El Bulli secrets Licensing El Bulli and Estrella Damm
El Bulli and Frito Lay Consulting Hacienda Benazuza Project: Hotel and Restaurant Borges Olive Oils Extracurricular Promotions El Bulli Catering Book Publishing New Brand Expansion Fast Good Tickets Issues food regulations
labor laws/interns
spanish economy/consumer confidence
expand fast good
infrastructure and locations operating at a loss
temporary closure from 2011-2014
how to maximize and sustain long term profitablility
what options are available? "Raise Prices. It should be 600 euros. But I do not cook for millionaires I cook for sensitive people." 1987-: Ferran Adria becomes head chef
"Most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet"
Over 2 million reservations requested in one day
Worldwide brand recognition
current situation Imports Population Density Sources http://www.elbulli.com/historia/index.php?lang=en
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