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X-Men Film Series Definitive Timeline/Chronology

A timeline laying out the events of all seven films in the X-Men franchise, making use of details taken from sources such as the "25 Moments" viral marketing campaign and details created by myself to make a definitive, plot-hole free chronology.

Vikram Gill

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of X-Men Film Series Definitive Timeline/Chronology

Young James Howlett's mutant abilities first manifest as he and his half-brother Victor Creed run away from home.
c. 1861
James and Victor leave their home territory of Canada to fight for the North in the American Civil War.
c. 1917
James and Victor fight for the US in World War I.
Young Erik Lensherr is imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp, where his mother is killed by mutant Nazi Sebastian Shaw. As Erik's mutant powers of magnetism begin to manifest, Shaw conducts horrifying experiments on the boy.
In Westchester, New York, young mutant telepath Charles Xavier takes in the shape-shifter Raven Darkholme, who was previously abused by her terrified human family.
June 6, 1944
James and Victor fight for the US in World War II and participate in the Allied invasion of Normandy (D-Day).
c. 3000 B.C.E.
En Sabah Nur, the first mutant in history, constructs the pyramids of Ancient Egypt surrounded by his followers.
August 9, 1945
James is held in a Japanese prison camp as a POW when the atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, where he saves the life of a young Japanese soldier named Ichirō Yashida.
After the war, Erik emigrates to the US, "the land of tolerance and peace", where he first sees the Statue of Liberty.
Some time this year, Erik also has a brief first encounter with future ally turned rival Charles Xavier, one that both men have seemingly forgotten about by the time they meet again in 1962. However, it is recalled decades later by a much older Xavier who claims to have been seventeen when he first met Erik.
The primary events of the film
X-Men: First Class
Charles Xavier is graduating from the University of Oxford with a thesis on mutation. His foster sister Raven lives with him.
Erik Lensherr, now back in Europe, is seeking vengeance against Sebastian Shaw.
Shaw is the leader of The Hellfire Club, a secret society of mutants conspiring to start World War III through the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Club is being investigated by CIA agent Moira MacTaggert.
Upon discovering the existence of mutants, MacTaggert seeks out Xavier for his expertise in mutation.
With the CIA already hunting Shaw, Erik reluctantly agrees to join forces with them and Xavier, striking up a friendship with the telepath.
With the aid of CIA scientist and mutant Dr. Hank McCoy, Charles and Erik use a prototype device called Cerebro to search for mutants willing to help them in their fight against Shaw.
Interrogating Shaw's associate, the diamond-skinned telepath Emma Frost, reveals Shaw's plans in full.
Shaw attacks the CIA compound where the new mutant recruits are staying.
Charles, Erik, Raven, Hank, Moira and the mutant recruits relocate to Xavier's childhood home, a luxurious mansion, to train and hone their abilities before facing Shaw again.
During this period, Hank, Charles and Erik also begin the early development phases of a new and improved Cerebro to be built beneath the mansion.
Experimenting on himself with a serum designed to mask the physical properties of mutation, Hank instead accidentally advances his own mutation and becomes the blue-furred Beast.
October 28, 1962
X-Men: First Class
Xavier and co. fly a prototype X-Jet to the American blockade line of Cuba, preventing Shaw and his associates from tampering with the natural outcome of the crisis.
Erik, now calling himself Magneto, vengefully murders Shaw, steals his Russian-designed helmet that keeps telepaths like Charles from tampering with his mind, and announce his plans for mutant exclusivity.
Only enforcing Magneto's viewpoint, both the US and Russian battleships target their missiles at the beach the mutants are all currently stranded on.
Magneto attempts to launch the missiles back at the humans, but is tackled to the ground by the pacifist Xavier. The missiles safely explode over the water, but a stray bullet fired by MacTaggert is deflected by Magneto, hitting Xavier and paralyzing him from the waist down.
Realizing that their mutant goals and ideologies are too far apart, Magneto abandons Xavier and the mutant recruits on the beach as he and Shaw's associates form the Brotherhood of Mutants.
Raven, now calling herself Mystique, also joins Magneto having become disillusioned with her foster brother's misguided control over her.
The United States and Russian governments are now aware of the existence of mutants.
Xavier, now wheelchair bound, uses his powers to wipe MacTaggert's mind of the preceding events so his ties with the CIA will be cut, but not before she suggests the title of X-Men for Xavier's future mutant recruits.
November 22, 1963
US President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Magneto is at the scene, later claiming he was there trying to save the President who was secretly a mutant. Regardless, Magneto is apprehended.
February 11, 1964
A private trial is held against Magneto, who maintains his innocence. Magneto is found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiring to assassinate JFK. The outcome of this trial, or that anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald was ever implicated in the murder, is known only to a few select government officials. Magneto is held in a plastic prison beneath the Pentagon.
Charles Xavier opens his School for Gifted Youngsters, publicly only a boarding school, secretly a safe haven where young mutants can learn to control their powers. Hank "Beast" McCoy also lives at the school, having perfected the serum which allows him to maintain a normal physical appearance unless agitated.
While James and Victor are serving in Vietnam, Victor's feral side comes out as he attempts to rape a young Vietnamese woman. His fellow soldiers try to stop him, only causing Victor to attack them and James to come to his aid. The two are arrested and executed by firing squad. However, their regenerative healing abilities allow them to survive.
While in confinement, the two are visited by Major William Stryker, a military man with an interest in mutants and ties to world renowned scientist Bolivar Trask. Stryker offers them a position on a special-ops team of mutants he's assembling called Team X. The brothers initially reject the offer, and Stryker allows them to leave and return to America as a sign of good faith.
Once back in America, James takes a job protecting a mob boss' daughter. Not long after this, James and Victor reconsider Stryker's offer and accept.
The same month, Bolivar Trask of Trask Industries lobbies his Sentinel (mutant-hunting robots) program to Congress. They refuse to give him funding on the basis that mutants have not proven to be a major enough threat in the current political climate.
Mystique, carrying on the cause of mutant freedom with Magneto still detained, frees a group of mutant soldiers in Vietnam Styker and Trask plan to experiment on, including one of Xavier's original mutant recruits from 1962 Alex Summers. This leads Mystique to investigate Trask Industries and discover the horrible experiments they have been conducting on mutants, including some of her old comrades like Angel, Emma Frost and Azazel.
This motivates Mystique to assassinate Trask at the signing of the Paris Peace Accords where Trask proposes his Sentinel program to a group of Vietnamese officials. He is cut short however as Mystique is successful in her assassination attempt, her first kill. Unfortunately she is immediately detained and captured by Stryker, who hands her over to Trask Industries.
Trask Industries uses her blood to apply her powers of transformation to the next generation of Sentinels. But without the funding to make the Sentinels a reality, there is little they can do with this development. Soon after, Mystique escapes from Trask Industries' confinement and the Sentinel project, though advanced, is put on hold.
January 1973
The increasing number of students and teachers being drafted into war forces Xavier to close his school. This proves to be the last straw for Xavier as he falls into a deep depression, overwhelmed by the loss of his sister Raven, friend Erik, his legs and now his school.
Beast creates a variant on the same serum he uses for his physical appearance that allows Xavier to walk, but has the unfortunate side effect of completely suppressing his telepathic powers. Even worse, Xavier comes to rely on this serum like a drug.
Xavier is approached by Major Stryker, seeking help for his mutant son Jason who creates powerful and often dangerous illusions in the minds of others. Xavier is reluctant, his school having closed years ago and personally still dealing with his addiction to Beast's power-suppressing serum, but agrees. Without his powers, Xavier can do little to help the out of control Jason and ultimately informs his father that there is nothing he can do for him. However, Xavier's failure with Jason, and seeing the resentment Jason's father holds for his condition, does motivate Xavier to finally get back into the mutant-rights game as he travels to Washington D.C. to make a closed-door plea for mutant freedoms before the House of Representatives.
Team X, Stryker's mutant special-ops team that James and Victor joined in 1973, invades the headquarters of a diamond trafficking operation in Lagos, Nigeria to retrieve a meteorite fragment. Stryker, searching for the source of the fragment, brutally interrogates a nearby village. As Team X begins massacring the people of the village, James is disgusted and puts a stop to it. He abandons both the group and his brother Victor.
Fully reformed and ready to lead once again, Xavier re-opens his School for Gifted Youngsters alongside his friends Magneto and Beast.
Xavier and Magneto visit Jean Grey, a young mutant with extraordinary psychic powers, and she is enrolled as one of the school's first students.
Jean's personality proves to be too destructive and uncontrollable as Xavier makes the difficult decision to use his telepathic powers to repress Jean's true personality, which comes to call itself "The Phoenix", and instead imbibe Jean with a far more normal personality.
c. 1976-1985
Despite being active in mutant politics, Xavier is reluctant to re-open his school and find a new team of X-Men as he is still addicted to the serum that essentially renders him human.
Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants are finally able to break Magneto out of his plastic prison beneath the Pentagon. The government is unable to launch a public search for Magneto without revealing the cover-up surrounding JFK's murder, so there is no immediate action taken against Magneto and his Brotherhood.
Magneto's first post-prison action is visiting his bitter old friend Charles Xavier, hoping to make amends and possibly recruit him into the Brotherhood. Magneto is shocked by what he finds, essentially an empty shell of the Xavier he once knew. Magneto temporarily drops his plans with the Brotherhood to help reform his old friend.
This temporary setback becomes more long-term than Magneto had originally planned as he and Xavier rekindle their old friendship. Together, they weave Xavier off the serum and set him back on track to becoming the mutant leader and teacher he was always meant to be.
Mystique, still bitter towards Xavier for the way he treated her, is left to lead the Brotherhood herself. The Brotherhood mostly lies dormant during this period, fearing retaliation from Xavier and Magneto, though the occasional terrorist act is committed leading the public to question who is behind the attacks and why.
Prolonged exposure to the serum allows Xavier to retain his ability to walk for several more years.
The primary events of the film
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
James, now back in Canada and going by the name Logan, is living the quiet life as a lumberjack with his schoolteacher girlfriend Kayla Silverfox.
Stryker shows up unexpectedly to warn Logan that someone is hunting down and killing the members of the now disbanded Team X. Logan disregards Stryker's warning, simply wanting to forget his time with Team X and the life he used to live.
Victor murders Kayla, revealing that he is the one hunting down Team X. He and Logan engage in a fight that proves to be pointless as both are nearly indestructible with their healing abilities. Stryker shows up once again, offering Logan the tools to defeat Victor.
Logan willingly undergoes the Weapon X procedure, lacing his skeleton and bone claws with adamantium, an indestructible metal found in the meteorite fragments Stryker was searching for years ago. Logan has dog-tags made that read "Wolverine", after a traditional story told to him by Kayla. The procedure is successful, but once it becomes clear that Stryker has deceived him and plans to wipe his memory, Logan escapes from the Alkali Lake facility.
Logan is taken in by an elderly couple who provide him with food, shelter and clothing (including a jacket that he loses soon after, but coincidentally comes across one just like it in his later years and begins to wear). They are soon attacked by operatives of Stryker, leaving the elderly couple dead and Logan now wanting revenge against both Victor and Stryker.
Logan learns from former Team X members that Stryker and Victor have actually been working together this whole time to collect mutants and round them up on Three Mile Island for experimentation in conjunction with Trask Industries.
Logan has a former prisoner of the island, Gambit, fly him there for a final confrontation with Stryker and Victor. Instead, Logan finds his motivation to fight lost as Stryker reveals to him that Kayla is still alive and was secretly an operative assigned to keep a watch on him. As Logan begins to leave, Kayla implores Stryker to return her diamond-skinned sister Emma (no relation to the telepath associate of Shaw from
First Class
), but he refuses saying they still need her powers for the mutant pool. Victor demands to undergo the adamantium procedure as Logan did, Stryker denying him as well, leading him to attack Kayla. Logan, hearing her cries, returns to fight Victor and knocks him out.
Kayla asks for Logan's help in freeing a group of mutants from the Island including her sister Emma, claiming that her love for him was real. Stryker unleashes "the Deadpool", formerly Wade Wilson of Team X, now a silent, brainwashed assassin who has been imbibed with the powers of every mutant Stryker has captured. Logan and Victor defeat Deadpool, nearly destroying the island in the process. Victor parts ways with a bitter Logan, threateningly promising to cross paths with him again someday as "brothers look out for each other".
The group of mutants including a teenager named Scott Summers, son of Alex Summers, who has the ability to shoot optic blasts from his eyes, are rescued from the Island by Xavier and taken to his school. Scott was blindfolded the entire time due to his inability to control his optic blasts and thus never saw Logan free him from the Island, meaning he does not recognize him years later when their paths cross again.
In a desperate final effort, Stryker, realizing that he has no chance of killing Logan, opts to shoot him in the head with an adamantium bullet employing the logic of "his memories won't grow back". Once Logan is down, Kayla uses her mutant powers of persuasion to force Stryker to keep walking until his feet bleed before succumbing to her fatal injuries sustained earlier.
As Logan awakens on the Island, he has no memory of his life or who he is beyond what his dog-tags read: "Logan/Wolverine". Gambit re-emerges and quickly convinces Logan to run before authorities show up to investigate the island. Logan decides in his confused state that he is better off running alone.
Stryker is found in a dazed state by military police who bring him in for questioning over the death of General Munson, a man Stryker did indeed kill earlier to protect his mutant experiments. Trask Industries uses its government connections to prevent Stryker from being implicated, being a long-time associate and considering him a valuable asset.
Deadpool is revealed to have survived his fight with Logan and Victor.
After the events at Three Mile Island, there is a nationwide call from the US public for answers, as it is assumed to be another nuclear meltdown similar to the one that occurred on the island in 1979. As journalists and private investigators begin aggressively searching for the truth, they discover Deadpool and the other horrible experiments that were being conducted on the Island, though they are never publicly traced back to either Stryker or Trask Industries, and that the island's carnage was the result of mutant rampage.
For the last three decades, the existence of mutants has been nothing more than a whisper, with some speculating that these advanced peoples, whose existence has been hidden by the governments of the world, have been key players in historical events such as The Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK's assassination, Bolivar Trask's assassination, and even as far back as the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids, and that the unexplained terror attacks of the last several years could be attributed to a rumored mutant group known as the Brotherhood of Mutants.
With the undeniable findings at Three Mile Island, the existence of mutants is for the first time publicly confirmed by the US government. There is immediate outcry for the mutants of the world to come out of hiding and expose themselves as mutant paranoia grips the world, the US especially.
Magneto, already finding that the life of a teacher and X-Man does not suit him, is reminded of the cruelty humans are capable of and the oppression mutants face. Once again finding himself at odds with Xavier's ideology towards mutant-human relations, Magneto abandons Xavier just as he did thirty years ago and re-joins his Brotherhood. Magneto does not find it easy leaving his best friend for a second time, and compensates by channeling this frustration and his suppressed rage from the last several years into his Brotherhood, who become more aggressive as a terrorist group than ever before. So begins the seemingly never-ending struggle between Magneto's Brotherhood and Xavier's X-Men.
At the same time Magneto abandons Xavier, the after-effects of Beast's serum finally wear off and Xavier is permanently paralyzed, completing the parallel with the events on a beach in Cuba thirty years ago.
Dr. Warren Worthington II, head of Worthington Labs, discovers that his son Warren Worthington III is a mutant when he is caught trying to bloodily remove the angel wings from his back. This sparks the senior Worthington's interest in developing a mutant "cure" for his son and the world at large so mutants can be accepted.
The events of the film
US Senator Robert Kelly is pushing to pass the Mutant Registration Act before Congress, playing on the peoples' paranoia towards mutants and what they can do.
Marie D'Ancanto, a mutant teenager with the ability to unwillingly absorb the powers and life-force of anyone she touches, runs away from home after sending a young man into a coma with a simple kiss.
Now going by the name Rogue, Marie becomes a run-away in Alberta where she encounters The Wolverine (Logan) cage fighting in a bar for money, with no memory of his life before awaking on Three Mile Island. He insists on being left alone, but Rogue persuades him to give her a ride. While on the road, they are attacked by Sabretooth, who unbeknownst to both him and Wolverine is actually Logan's brother Victor. The completely feral and animal-like Sabretooth is the result of Victor completely losing his humanity and embracing his inner animal, forgetting about his previous life with only his instincts to go by.
Wolverine and Rogue are saved from Sabretooth by Storm and Cyclops (Scott Summers), teachers at Xavier's School and X-Men. Rogue is enrolled as a student while Wolverine is given the rundown of the history between the X-Men and Magneto's Brotherhood by Xavier. He reveals that Sabretooth is an associate of Magneto's and that Wolverine may be part of a larger, yet to be seen plan by Magneto.
Indeed, Magneto and his Brotherhood (now consisting of Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad) are planning their largest and most elaborate attack yet. Using a machine Magneto has invented to turn all the world leaders into mutants, who are meeting for a world summit on Ellis Island. But instead of Wolverine being integral to this plan, it is Rogue and her power-absorbing abilities that Magneto needs to run the machine.
Magneto kidnaps Senator Kelly and tests the machine on him, turning him into an amphibian-like creature. Kelly uses his new-found abilities to escape however, and goes to Xavier for help.
Mystique infiltrates the school, sabotages Cerebro and disguises herself as student Bobby Drake (Iceman) to convince Rogue to run away once again. Wolverine follows, and convinces her that Xavier genuinely wants to help people like them. Before they can return to the school, Magneto attacks Wolverine and kidnaps Rogue.
Xavier finds that he cannot use Cerebro to locate Magneto, and is surprised when attempting to recover Rogue that the reason for this is Magneto still has his helmet he stole from Shaw in 1962, believing that Magneto had lost or discarded the helmet following his 1963 arrest. He reads Kelly's mind to discover Magneto's plan, and when he again uses Cerebro to locate Rogue, he falls into a coma as a result of Mystique's sabotage.
Jean Grey uses Cerebro with mixed results, but is still able to ascertain that Rogue is on Liberty Island. The X-Men and Wolverine go to the Statue of Liberty where Magneto has hidden his machine. The X-Men incapacitate Toad, Mystique and Sabretooth, and prevent Magneto from using Rogue to run the machine.
When authorities arrive on Liberty Island, Magneto is arrested and Mystique manages to escape disguised as a security guard. With this latest and most dangerous of mutant terror attacks, Trask Industries considers resurrecting its Sentinel program, but would need government and public support before being able to enact such a world-changing program. Col. Stryker however begins planning for a more covert operation which would effectively see the end of mutants as a species.
Wolverine departs from the X-Mansion on the advice of Xavier who tells him that the key to discovering his past may lie in an abandoned military complex at Alkali Lake. He has a somber farewell with Rogue, and promises to return soon.
Magneto is once again held in a plastic prison, this one far more elaborate than the last, where he is visited by Xavier. The two ponder their contrasting viewpoints, Magneto believing that a war between mutants and humans is inevitable as he expresses his desire to fight in it, with Xavier promising to always be there to stop him.
The events of the film
X2: X-Men United.
A mutant teleporter called Nightcrawler single-handedly infiltrates the White House and very nearly kills the President before he is injured and flees. He leaves behind a message: "Mutant Freedom Now". Col. Stryker, taking advantage of the situation, gets the president's permission for a special operation to infiltrate Xavier's school and apprehend the mutants within.
Wolverine returns to the school having not found anything at Alkali Lake, not even an abandoned military complex. Xavier asks him to watch over the mansion for the night while Storm and Jean try to recover Nightcrawler and get answers before the authorities do, and Xavier and Cyclops visit Magneto's plastic prison to see if he has any involvement with the attack.
Magneto reveals to Xavier that Stryker has been using a mind-control serum to manipulate him into divulging all his secrets, specifically involving Cerebro and "the house that Xavier built" (Stryker being mistaken in his belief that Xavier built the mansion, as it was actually Xavier's childhood home). Xavier and Cyclops are then taken hostage by Stryker.
Storm and Jean find Nightcrawler hiding in an abandoned church, revealing that he is a religious man raised in a German circus as part of the act due to his physical appearance and abilities. He has no memory of the White House attack or how he was instigated to do it, having been affected by the same mind-controlling serum Stryker used on Magneto.
Stryker and his military unit infiltrate the Xavier School, apprehending a handful of students, while the rest are able to escape with the help of Wolverine and Colossus. As Wolverine is guiding Iceman, Rogue, and fire-controlling mutant Pyro to safety, he is confronted by Stryker. Wolverine has no memory of his past, leading Stryker to tauntingly ask if he remembers him. Their "reunion" is cut short as Wolverine is reminded of his responsibility to the students. He and the aforementioned three students escape in Cyclops' car and head towards Boston where Jean and Storm are, hoping to find solace at Iceman's parents' house.
Mystique, impersonating Stryker's assistant Yuriko, gains information about Magneto's plastic prison, as well as Stryker's plans for a second Cerebro. Using this information, she hatches a plan to break Magneto out of his prison, which is successful.
At the home of Iceman's family, Wolverine and the students find that the family is strongly mutant-phobic, and Iceman's brother calls the police. Pyro lets out his aggression as he deals with the cops, but is stopped from going too far as Storm, Jean and Nightcrawler arrive in the X-Jet.
Xavier awakens in Stryker's hidden military complex at Alkali Lake, where Stryker reveals that he is responsible for the attack on the president, in an effort to advance his own anti-mutant agenda. His son Jason, who has been lobotomized so he can be more easily influenced, is the source of the mind controlling serum (excretions from his brain) and the illusions he can create ultimately led his mother to kill herself. Stryker uses him to create the illusion in Xavier's mind of being back at his school and aiding a little mutant girl in locating the school's missing mutants with Cerebro, as the mind-controlling serum alone is not strong enough for a telepath like Xavier.
The X-Jet is attacked by two Air Force fighter jets and hit by a missile. Their nose-dive is stopped by Magneto, who proposes they all work together to stop Stryker and recover Xavier before he can be used to target the entire mutant population via Cerebro 2.
At Alkali Lake, Storm and Nightcrawler rescue the students taken from the school, Jean confronts a brainwashed Cyclops, Wolverine fights Stryker's assitant Yuriko, and Magneto and Mystique stop Xavier. Magneto however has other plans as Mystique impersonates Stryker and convinces Jason to instead have Xavier target the world's human population. Magneto also uses his knowledge of Cerebro, gained from helping Xavier and Beast begin building it in 1962, to reprogram Cerebro 2 and make it possible for Xavier to target all humans. Storm and Nightcrawler stop Jason and recover Xavier before humanity is exterminated, however the damage is still done and Xavier decides to go to Washington to confront the President.
Jean's fight with Cyclops, which ends with him awaking from his brainwashing, causes the dam at the lake to lose integrity, threatening everyone's lives.
As Stryker is left to die by Magneto and Mystique, who escape with new-recruit Pyro, he offers to divulge Wolverine's past. He comments that Wolverine has and always will be an animal, that he only gave him claws (this and any other reference to Wolverine receiving claws from the Weapon X procedure are referring to the fact that Wolverine's adamantium-coated claws are more traditionally claw-like than his bone ones), and that he will never fit in amongst other people, mutant or not. Wolverine rejects this, deciding instead that he is better off forgetting his past and focusing on the present with his mutant brethren. Stryker drowns as the base is engulfed in water.
When the X-Men attempt to leave in the X-Jet before the water hits them as well, they find the jet is malfunctioning and preventing them from taking off. Jean leaves the jet and uses her telekinetic powers to prevent the wall of water from hitting them as they take off, sacrificing herself.
The X-Men head to Washington and confront the President, who is preparing to give a speech on the global phenomena that seemingly almost took the life of every human on the planet. Xavier gives him secret files belonging to Stryker, revealing his malicious intent towards all mutants. Xavier warns that a war between mutants and humans could very well be brewing, but that now is the time to prevent it by creating peace between their two peoples.

The primary events of the film
X-Men: The Last Stand
Wolverine, Storm and the younger X-Men (Iceman, Rogue, Kitty Pryde and Collosus) practice in the Danger Room fighting a giant robot in an apocalyptic setting (not having any real connection to Trask Industries and their Sentinels which have yet to be activated, though eerily foreshadowing events the X-Men will find themselves dealing with in "the not too distant future.").
Cyclops is hit the hardest by Jean Grey's death earlier in the year, affecting his performance as an X-Man and teacher, leading Xavier to inform Storm that should anything happen to himself he would prefer she take his place as leader of the X-Men.
Cyclops is hearing Jean's voice call to him in his mind, so he departs from the mansion and heads to Alkali Lake where she died.
Beast, now Secretary of Mutant Affairs and an adviser to the President who per Xavier's advice earlier in the year is now actively trying to ease relations between mutants and humans, visits the X-Men at the mansion to inform them that Worthington Labs has developed what they are calling a mutant "cure", capable of suppressing the mutant-X gene. All are horrified, except for Rogue who is intrigued by the idea of finally being able interact normally with people.
Since the events at Alkali Lake, Magneto and Pyro have become fugitives and Mystique has been captured and unsuccessfully interrogated for information concerning Magneto. Magneto and Pyro attend an underground meeting of mutants discussing how to react to the announcement of the cure. Magneto convinces them to fight with him. Magneto proceeds to free Mystique from a mobile prison housed in an armored truck where he also finds new mutant recruits. Unfortunately, Mystique is hit by a weaponized version of the cure and de-powered, causing Magneto to abandon her on the spot. In retaliation, she later hands over information about him to the US government.
At Alkali Lake, Cyclops discovers that Jean is still alive and more powerful than ever. As they embrace however, Jean seemingly unintentionally kills him with her powers. Xavier's mental powers immediately alert him to this as he sends Wolverine and Storm to investigate. There, they find only Cyclops' glasses and Jean herself, passed out.
Back at the mansion, Xavier attempts to restore the mental blocks he placed in Jean's mind when she was a little girl, repressing the out of control elements of her personality. Wolverine is upset that the Professor could have ever done something like this in the first place without telling Jean and they argue. Later, Jean wakes up and proves too powerful to subdue as she escapes from the mansion.
Magneto, in hiding and having now built up an army of mutant followers, is alerted to Jean's activity by a mutant in his Brotherhood that can detect other mutants and their powers. Both he and Xavier track her down to her childhood home where they first met her twenty years ago. Xavier tries to make her understand that she is too dangerous and only he can help her, while Magneto wants her for for his Brotherhood. This results in Jean once again becoming out of control as she vaporizes Xavier, killing him. Magneto, only briefly lamenting the loss of his old friend, escapes and takes Jean with him.
After Xavier's funeral, Rogue decides definitively that she is going to take the cure and leaves the mansion. The X-Men briefly ponder shutting down the school before they are reminded by Warren Worthington III, the mutant son of the cure's developer, that the school is a sanctuary for mutants and can't be closed.
Wolverine, like Cyclops, begins hearing Jean's voice in his head leading him to Magneto's hideout where he learns that Magneto's plan is to storm Alcatraz Island where the source of the cure, a young mutant named Jimmy with the ability to suppress other mutant's powers, is being kept. He informs the other X-Men, including Beast, who suit up and head there themselves.
Magneto uses his powers of magnetism to move the Golden Gate Bridge so it can act as an access to Alcatraz for his army. The X-Men arrive and, aided by human soldiers, take on Magneto's mutant army. Jimmy is rescued and prevented from being killed, Iceman and Pyro, young friends turned rivals (a next generation of Xavier and Magneto in a sense), fight with Iceman coming out on top, and Magneto is de-powered by the cure. The battle seems over until another wave of human soldiers show up and begin shooting at Jean. Angry and confused, she begins to disintegrate the entire island. Only Wolverine, with is healing ability, is able to make his way towards her. The Jean he remembers briefly comes through and implores him to kill her, and he sorrowfully obliges.
In the aftermath, Storm becomes the new head of Xavier's school, Magneto has gone into hiding with regret over his actions and Xavier's death weighing heavily on him, and Beast is appointed United States ambassador to the United Nations by the President in an effort to once again smooth mutant-human relations after the horrifying events at Alcatraz. While hiding in plain sight, mournfully looking over a chess board with no opponent, Magneto discovers that his powers of magnetism have returned to him, implying that the cure may not be permanent.
Xavier's brain-dead twin brother P. Xavier, under the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggert (daughter of the CIA agent Xavier knew in 1962), suddenly awakens as it is revealed that Charles has transferred his consciousness into his brother's body, allowing him to survive.
c. 1993
Beast leaves Xavier's School to pursue a career in politics, initially using the serum he developed to maintain a human appearance, but later giving it up in favor of his natural blue form to better make a statement in his fight for mutant rights.
c. 2007
Following the attack on Alcatraz and the damage done to the Golden Gate Bridge, some feel that mutant-human cooperation during and after the attack may be the dawn of a peaceful era between the two species. However, the truth is that mutant paranoia is at an all-time high, especially once it is discovered that the mutant "cure" is only temporary. Trask Industries takes advantage of the situation to secretly resurrect it's Sentinel program, anticipating that once the program is ready to launch, public support will also be at an all-time high.
The primary events of the film
The Wolverine
After the attack on Alcatraz and his being forced to kill Jean Grey, Wolverine left the X-Men and has become a hermit living in the Canadian wilderness. He is haunted by visions of Jean that provoke him to join her where she is, to end his overly-long life and suffering. He is also haunted by visions of his past, such as the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki during World War II, implying Wolverine may have naturally recovered some of his lost memories in the interim.
He is approached by Yukio, a mutant with the ability to foresee death and a skilled fighter, who is an associate of Japan's wealthiest man Ichirō Yashida, owner of the tech company Yashida Corps. Wolverine saved Yashida's life during World War II and is now seeking him out to thank him and say goodbye before he dies. Wolverine is reluctant, but eventually agrees.
In Japan, Wolverine finds a complicated web of conspiracy, as Yashida dies and his granddaughter Mariko is chosen to inherit the corporation over her father Shingen.
Shingen and Japanese gangsters known as the Yakuza conspire to kill her, which Wolverine prevents. However, it is revealed that Yashida faked his death and has been working with a mutant doctor named Viper to extend his life so he may protect his granddaughter.
Yashida has the Black Ninja Clan kidnap Mariko so he may reveal these plans to her himself. Once Wolverine is captured as well, Yashida's more sinister intentions are revealed.
Yashida plans to kill Wolverine so he can take his healing power and near immortality for himself and continue to run and reap the benefits of his corporation, the only reason he brought Wolverine to the country in the first place. Once Mariko and Yukio discover this betrayal, they work with Wolverine to bring down Yashida, Viper, and the Black Ninja Clan.
Wolverine fights Yashida, who is using a giant robot suit made completely out of adamantium to stay alive, which results in Wolverine losing his adamantium claws. Yashida is killed in the end, along with Viper.
Mariko, who has fallen for Wolverine, inherits Yashida Corps and Wolverine promises to come back and visit her.
Wolverine, having now accepted that he is a "soldier" with a responsibility to help people rather than moping around in the woods, and no longer haunted by visions of Jean, leaves the country in Mariko's private jet accompanied by his friend and "bodyguard" Yukio.
With mutant-human tensions and paranoia ever on the rise with no sign of improving and an anti-mutant President currently in office, Trask Industries in conjuncture with the US government launch the Sentinel program, giant robots that can identify and exterminate mutants. Additionally, concentration camps where mutants will be held, inhibitor collars that prevent mutants from using their powers and several other anti-mutant measures are announced.
Xavier, now living in the atrophied body of his twin brother, resulting in him still being stuck in a wheelchair, and Magneto, who once again re-kindled their friendship after learning that Xavier survived his death at the hands of The Phoenix, have largely stayed in hiding the last several years with mutant oppression growing at an unstoppable pace and Xavier's mansion being taken over by Trask Industries.
Following the announcements by Trask Industries and the US government, Xavier, Magneto and the surviving X-Men decide the time has come to stop living in the shadows as they begin rallying other mutants to help their cause.
Xavier and Magneto approach Wolverine, traveling without Yukio, in an airport where he is convinced by the now-living Xavier that his help is very much needed and the extermination of their species has never been closer. Magneto uses his powers to re-apply adamantium to Wolverine's bone claws by re-distributing the adamantium that already coats his entire skeleton.
c. 2016-2022
Trask Industries quickly makes deals with other world governments eager to contain their own mutant populations. Soon Sentinels, mutant concentration camps and other forms of mutant oppression are instilled all over the world.
Mutants, including Xavier, Magneto and the X-Men, do what they can to take down Trask Industries and to convince the human population that their species doesn't deserve to be eradicated, but it is all to no avail as mutants are hunted, captured and exterminated in droves.
An integral part of the Sentinel's programming which has allowed them to take out the mutant population so quickly is their ability to take on the powers of any mutant and use these powers against them. This ability was applied to the Sentinels by their modern designers through extensive research done over the decades on mutants such as Rogue and most importantly Mystique. Not only was the experimentation conducted on Mystique in 1973 a huge turning point in the design of the Sentinels, but it was also her assassination of Bolivar Trask which motivated his company to carry on his dream of eliminating the mutant threat.
Trask's dream of humanity coming together over the common threat of mutation is suddenly halted when the Sentinels begin hunting not just mutants, but anyone with the potential to pass the mutant-X gene down to the next generation. This leads to the Earth becoming a complete dystopian wasteland where both mutants and humans are being hunted to extinction, with no way of stopping the Sentinels.
The future events of the film
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Kitty Pryde, who along with Iceman and Colossus has joined a rag-tag team of mutants fighting for survival, discovers that she has the ability to send a person's consciousness back in time. In the same way that she is able to phase herself and others through walls, she is able to phase people through time. She can send a person as far back as a few weeks without completely ripping their mind apart.
She and the group of mutants she travels with use this strategy to go back in time and warn themselves about incoming Sentinel attacks days before they happen, thus ensuring their survival.
Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Iceman and their group meet up with Xavier, Magneto, Storm and Wolverine in China. She informs them of her newly discovered power, and Xavier is immediately hopeful that her power may be used to send someone back in time to prevent this apocalyptic future from ever happening. She reminds him however, that she can only send someone as far back as a few weeks without potentially killing them. Wolverine, his healing factor making it impossible for his mind to be completely torn apart, volunteers to be the one sent back.
Xavier and Magneto's plan is to send Wolverine back to 1973, recruit their younger selves to aid him, have them stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask and prevent Trask Industries from getting hold of her.
The properties of Kitty's time travel abilities mean that when Wolverine is sent back, both the altered past and current future will continue running at the same time, until Kitty breaks her connection with him at which point the altered past would take hold of the timeline.
Wolverine is sent back to 1973 and creates Timeline B. When Kitty breaks the connection with Wolverine, Timeline A from January 1973 onwards is eliminated.
Timeline A
Timeline B
January 1973
The past events of the film
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Wolverine's consciousness from the 2023 of Timeline A (2023A Wolverine) inhabits the body of his younger self, creating Timeline B.
2023A Wolverine walks out on the job his younger self took protecting a mob boss' daughter, meaning he never rendezvouses with Victor or decides to join Stryker's Team X. He instead goes to Westchester, New York to recruit Charles Xavier for his mission from the future.
At the mansion, Wolverine finds the disheveled, depressed and serum-addicted Xavier of the time along with Beast. He convinces them that he is from the future and that Mystique assassinating Trask and being captured by his company is the catalyst which will ultimately create a dystopia.
When Wolverine informs them that they will need Magneto's help as well, currently trapped in a plastic prison beneath the Pentagon for allegedly killing JFK, Xavier refuses as he blames Magneto for everything that has happened to him since 1962. He then remembers that Mystique is still his foster sister and she too is in danger, so he agrees.
Xavier, Wolverine and Beast recruit Peter Maximoff, a mutant with the power to move at imperceptibly fast speeds which has earned him the nickname Quicksilver, to help break Magneto out of prison.
The prison break is successful, Quicksilver proving to be essential, though Xavier and Magneto are immediately hostile towards each other.
Parting ways with Quicksilver, the four fly a private plane to Paris where they know thanks to Wolverine that Mystique will assassinate Bolivar Trask at the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. On the flight, Xavier and Magneto get into a shouting match over who abandoned who in 1962 and just how much damage has been done to the mutant community since then with both of them predisposed in the interim.
In Paris, the four prevent Mystique from killing Trask but Magneto immediately proceeds to attack her knowing that she is the catalyst for mutant extermination in the future.
While Magneto tries to kill Mystique and Beast in turn attacks Magneto, Wolverine catches a glimpse of Stryker who is also in the room as he is a military associate of Trask's. This causes Wolverine great duress as 2023A Wolverine begins to fade out and 1973 Wolverine returns very confused as to current circumstances. Stryker, recognizing Wolverine as his offer for him and his brother Victor to join Team X is ongoing, flees the room in terror. As Wolverine calms down, 2023A Wolverine returns.
The fight between Magneto-Beast-Mystique spills out into the streets only to be seen and recorded by a large crowd outside, becoming global news. This exposes mutants to the world almost twenty years earlier than they had been in Timeline A. Magneto escapes, as does an injured Mystique, while Xavier, Wolverine and Beast return to Westchester.
This change of historical events allows Trask to approach President Richard Nixon and once again seek funding for the Sentinel program. With mutant paranoia gripping the world far sooner than in Timeline A, Nixon agrees.
Back at the mansion, Wolverine convinces Xavier not to take his next dose of Beast's serum, as they will need his powers if they are going to succeed. As the serum's effects begin to wear off, Xavier returns to his wheel chair. Xavier uses Cerebro for the first time in years with mixed results. With Xavier at his lowest, Wolverine has Xavier use his telepathic powers to travel into his mind and interact with 2023A Xavier. The two talk about the kind of man Xavier will become, one who will learn to embrace his pain and bear that of others. Realizing that he must have hope in himself and for a better future, Xavier tries Cerebro again and is able to converse with an on-the-move Mystique. She refuses to listen to him, but he is able to ascertain that she is going to Washington DC.
With Trask's prototype Sentinels up and running, Nixon plans to unveil them to the American people at the White House as a statement that America is ready to face the mutant threat. Magneto intercepts the Sentinels on their way to DC via train, imbibes them with metal and uses the schematics he stole from Trask to re-write their programming so that he can control them and turn them on their human creators.
On the way to DC, Wolverine talks to Xavier and makes him promise that no matter what happens, he find his future students including himself, Cyclops, Storm and Jean to train and protect them just as he did in Timeline A.
At the unveiling event, the Sentinels, under Magneto's control, open fire on the crowd thwarting Mystique's assassination attempt. Magneto pulls RFK stadium out of the ground and drops it around the White House, guarded by the Sentinels. Nixon and his entourage, one of whom Mystique is disguised as, hide in a safe room beneath the White House. Xavier is trapped beneath a fallen structure and Magneto runs a metallic barb through Wolverine's body as he throws him into the Potomac River.
Magneto pulls the safe house out of the ground and prepares to murder Nixon on global television before Mystique, disguised as Nixon, shoots him in the neck with a plastic bullet. Mystique reveals her true form as she prepares to shoot Trask. Xavier speaks to her telepathically and persuades her to let him live so the public will see a mutant saving the President, changing public perception and possibly preventing an apocalyptic future. She obliges and flees, but not before removing Magneto's helmet that he recovered from government possession earlier, letting Xavier control his mind and powers to remove the structure from atop him. Freeing Magneto's mind, Xavier allows him to escape believing that he, like Mystique and himself, has the potential to change his ways.
The President's life being threatened then subsequently saved by mutants makes global headlines, giving the public a more positive perception of mutants than in Timeline A. Trask is also arrested for treason, having conspired with the Vietnamese to sell his Sentinel program to them if things didn't work out with Nixon. This presumably leads to the collapse of Trask Industries, along with their Sentinel program, thus their huge influence in Timeline A is not possible in Timeline B.
As Wolverine is stuck at the bottom of the Potomac, prevented from drowning by his regenerative healing abilities which extend to his lungs, in 2023A Kitty finally breaks her connection with Wolverine just as she is about to be killed by Sentinels. This causes Timeline A from January 1973 onwards to be eradicated as Wolverine's consciousness is sent to 2023B. His 1973 body, which would have no memory of the preceding days, is recovered by Mystique, disguised as Stryker, her intentions unknown.
In the bright future of Timeline B, 2023A Wolverine permanently inhabits the body of 2023B Wolverine and explores the new future. He finds that Xavier's School is still open and running rampant with students. He also finds that, unlike in his timeline, Cyclops and Jean are still alive. Storm, Beast, Kitty and Colossus are all teachers at the school, and Rogue and Iceman are there as well. Wolverine approaches Xavier, who informs him that he has a history class to teach. Wolverine explains that to Xavier that he is the Wolverine who helped him change history in 1973, and needs a history lesson of his own. Xavier happily greets him, and begins to tell him of what has transpired since 1973.
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