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Samantha Trendel

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Travel

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Car rentals available but keep in mind
gas in Greece is expensive
most of the major highways in Greece are toll roads
left side driving
The most popular way for visitors to get around is by moped. You can rent one for €10 per day
Buses are the mainstay of land transport
Trains are a good alternative, where available
To most visitors, though, traveling in Greece means island-hopping on ferries
High-speed catamarans
Blu Star Ferries
NEL Lines
Most services are very popular; book as far in advance as possible
Lodging in Greece
Tour Greece
Popular Attractions
Basic Info

Entry requirements
Up Coming Events

Overall categorized as a Mediterranean climate
Remarkable range of micro-climates
west of the Pindus mountain range, climate is wetter and has some maritime features
east of the Pindus mountain range is drier and windier in summer
north areas of Greece have a transitional climate between the continental and the mediterranean climate
some mountainous areas have an alpine climate
80% of Greece is made up of mountains
Between 1,200 and 6,000 islands
mild and rainy winters, warm dry summers
Rarely will ever reach any sort of extreme temp.
Modern Greek is the only official language and is spoken by some 99.5% of population , MANY other dialects
English is taught in schools so most of the younger generations speak English
Road, street, and vendor signs are in both English and Greek
"kalimera"= good morning - familiarize yourself
Internet Cafes are popular and most hotels have internet access available but some may charge to access
Recommend to rent travel phones while in Greece
no roaming charges
your phone comes with a guided tour service
will receive phone number before departure
accessable 24 hours a day
Greece remains among the safest countries in the world
Crime rate is low, especially among the islands
Visitors should exercise common sense precautions while visiting regarding safety
Eyes should remain open while in bigger city's such as Athens where petty crime, theft, burglaries, and robberies may occur.
Swimming in Greece is an activity that one performs at one's own risk. Very few beaches have a lifeguard on duty
Contact the Police by dialing 100
Vehicles such as boats, cars, motorcycles pay no attention to pedestrians so keep your eyes open!
Aegan Airlines; AEE
Astra Airlines; AZI
InterJet; INJ
Olymic Air; OAL
Sky Express; SEH
Greek Airlines
Tour Greece has every package available to make your trip to Greece amazing and worry free.
They have packages for leisure travelers, religious groups, and students. As well as having excellent packages to choose from, you can also choose from beautiful venues all around Greece.
You have the choice of Athenea, Zeus, Apolo, Pegasus, and many other historical towns in Greece.
Considering Greece is full history, there is so much to see. Most attractions in Greece have to do with mythology which makes them even more interesting.
Hydra is a beautiful little town in Greece know for living in absence of cars.
They use donkeys to get around town and if they want to go to another island, they take a water taxi.
*Feast of St. Nikolaos: December 6, 2013
*Santa's Neighborhood Athens: December, 2013
*New Year's Day:January 1, 2014
*Gynokratia (Day of the Midwives):January 8, 2014
*Greek Independence Day and Feast of the Annunciation: March 25, 2014
*Posidonia Athens: May 30 - June 6, 2014
*World Rowing Games Thessaloniki: October, 2014
*Athens Festival: June- Early October
Passport validity:
For stays of up to three months your passport
should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. You don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.

You don’t need a visa to enter Greece. As a British passport holder you can stay as a visitor for three months. For longer stays, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

UK Emergency Travel Documents:
UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are not valid for entry into Greece. However, ETDs are accepted for airside transit and exit from Greece.
Maria:" The Blonde Angel"
Man to Man: shake each others hands with eye contact.
Women to Man: At a first meeting a warm handshake and combined with slight touches on the arms and/or elbows. Friends and family usually share a kiss on each cheek.
Women to Women: A kiss on each cheek is common if two women know each other. A light handshake is the norm if they are meeting for the first time.
Customs continued:
Communication: Greeks tend to speak quite loudly and with a lot of emotion. At times it may appear as if they are yelling and annoyed but it is most likely a normal tone of voice.
Personal Space: It can be considered rude to back up or away from someone while they are speaking. There is a fair amount of touching between men and men, and women and women and men and women while conversing. Public displays of affection are quite common between genders.
Gestures: Yes" and "no" are usually indicated by nodding the head (only once) downwards for yes and upwards for no. The “O.K.” sign is a rude gesture; "thumbs up" means O.K
When invite to a home at 8:00 arrive late, aound 8:30.
When invited to a Greek home always bring the hostess a gift when invited to someone's home.
Give: expensive wines, brandy, pastries, whiskey, cut flowers.
Do not give: inexpensive wines, knives, sharp objects.
Expect Greeks to ask personal questions.
Do not over praise an item in a greek home, the host may feel obligated to present it as a gift to you.
East all of your food on your plate, and if the host insists that you eat something, do so.
When invited to a Greek home
"The Blonde Angel"
The case of Maria has drawn global attention, playing on the shocking possibility of children being stolen from their parents and sold. The couple arrested in Athens on Wednesday allegedly paid a Roma woman €4,000 ($£3,400) for the baby. The suspects, aged 53 and 48, were expected to be charged later on Friday with child abduction. The same charges were brought against the couple with whom Maria was found living in a Roma settlement outside Farsala, in central Greece, a week ago. On Wednesday, another Roma couple were charged with child abduction on the eastern Greek island of Lesvo.
Types of Accommodation
Hotels: (standard type, traditional guesthouses, suites etc).
Bed and Breakfasts
Apartments and housing for rent
Camping: organized places for camping throughout Greece, provided places for tents or caravans, as well as small bungalows, while their facilities provide a wide range of services. Places can be booked through travel agencies.
Youth hostels
Epidaurus Theater
Beaches of Crete
Delphi Ruins
Melissani Cave
Mount Athos
Mount Olympus
Little Vience
Acropolis of Lindos
Contact Information
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