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haileys neolithic project

No description

hailey shannon

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of haileys neolithic project

Location and time
The time period of the Neolithic was from 10,000 B.C and 4,500 to 2,000 years ago. Neolithic people would settle in one place that had food and other this for them to use. They usually would stay in a place with normal climate and next to lakes and rivers.
The jobs of the Neolithic started with specialization and the division of labor. Many people used their jobs to trade or barter. They would trade with the people who made what they needed. They would give the person what they made and the other person would give them what they made. Some jobs they had were framers, clothes makers, house builders and much more!!
Neolithic people would live in villages. They would plant their food/plants and keep their animals. They would live and sleep in Mud bricks supported by timber. This led humans farther into civilization. This also led to culture and technology.
Technology was a big part of the Neolithic. The technology let them hunt, domesticate animals, and it helped them find out how to protected their plants and they even found a way for their animals to plow their fields. The people of the neolithic had many others as well.
The people of the Neolithic were very spiritual. When people passed away they would buried the person with their belongs/prized procession. They also used the environment in many ways. They buried their people in shrines. They also worshiped the earth and nature
I think that the Neolithic and Now are some what similar. They are similar because all humans still specialize in something that helps us take care of what we need like food, clothes , and shelter. These are inventions that have helped us and their behaviors like specialization that have effected today because we have jobs clothes , pets and shelter all because that is what they started.
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