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Movies of the 1950s

No description

Amrie Lisse

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Movies of the 1950s

Movies of the 1950s By: Amrie Lisse Drive-in theaters
"What are you rebelling against?"
"Whaddya got?" James Dean Marilyn Monroe John Wayne melodramatic film noir
"Asphalt Jungle"
"How to Marry a Millionaire"
"Seven Year Itch"
overdose western genre
"The Quiet Man"
"Rio Bravo"
"The Searchers"
died of stomach cancer James Stewart "Harvey"-comedy
5 Academy Awards
Lifetime Achievement Award
military 1951-1955
Posthumous Academy Award
"Rebel Without a Cause"
"East of Eden"
died at age 24 Janet Leigh horror genre
"Touch of Evil"
"The Vikings"
Jamie Lee Curtis Bette Davis drama
"All About Eve"
"Another Man's Poison"
"Storm Center"
"The Catered Affair"
president of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
2nd greatest female star of all time Fantasy Movies "Alice and Wonderland"
"Peter Pan"
"Sleeping Beauty" Cheap Teen Movies drive-in theaters
Roger Corman
"Not of This Earth"
"Attack of the Crab Monsters"
"The Blob"
"A Bucket of Blood"
"The Wasp Woman"
"I was a Teenage Werewolf" Milestones widescreen
3-D viewing glasses
Motion Pictures Production Code
no racial epithets but...
$0.68 Lana Turner 1937
pin up girl- World War 2
"My goal was to have one husband and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around"
"Imitation of Life"
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