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Career Shadow

No description

Bryan Jernigan

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadow

Assistant pastor the purpose of the church is to lead people to christ, and to help out the community as best as possible we believe the company will be double its size in 15 years. winston baptist church employability skills meet deadlines, for example he has to make a news lettter by sunday
be prepared, he needs the keys to the church and his laptop
his average salary is nothing, are church is to small to pay the assistant pastors technology used in this job computers (laptop), used to make the news letter and set up the e-mail
phones, thay need this to communicate with people who need help some skills needed would be social skills, mainly because he works with people
alot and needs to handle situations skillfully, and to respect the person, and
respect the persons privacy as much as I enjoy this job i dont
think it is right for me, i just dont
have good enough people skills and
and organization skills to be good at
it, plus it is something i wouldnt
be passionate about one thing i realy liked about this job is the freedom
he could have days were he finishes the news letter early,
and no ones comes up to church to talk to him, so he just plays
video games, but this is very rare. normally he is always busy
since are church is growing so much the thing i didn't like about this
job is that he has to talk with a bunch
of people about really boring stuff, and
i just need some kind of excitement
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