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Margaret Fuller

Women and Literature Presentation

Christina Burgess

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller 1810-1850 Margaret's Life... Accuracy Authority Objectivity Currency Coverage Works Cited Discussion Questions Life continued... Inventing a Feminist Discourse: Rhetoric and Resistance in Margaret Fuller's Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Annette Kolodny It was written by Joan W. Goodwin. She has served on the UU Historical Society Board and the UU Women's Heritage Society. She also has many publications. Focused more on her friendship with Emerson, and then says that Fuller grew tired of Emerson where other sources say the opposite. It hit on each point in her life, and didn't dwell to much. So, overall good coverage but definitely lacked detail that Gale sources had. Discusses Fuller's use of rhetoric. Stating how it could be appreciated today and how it fit so well with many other women of the time. It is a religious website, which could demote some of the value. (Didn't realize this until later.) The copyright was from 1999-2011. Although this article seems to have been written in the 70's. Margaret Fuller by Patrocinio Schweickart Margaret Fuller's quiz bowl Biography 200 pts (2 q's) Biography Question 1
* What was the name of the newspaper that publisher Horace Greeley offered Margaret a job at. Biography Question #2
* What literary Publication did Margaret work for in 1840-1842. Personal Opinion Question #1
What sort of rhetoric techniques did Margaret use to promote her view of why women should be given rights? Personal Opinion question # 2
* What do you think her view was of men, based on her writing?
Personal Opinon # 3
* If Margaret Fuller and Alice Paul had worked together how do you think they would have made a difference? Achievement Question #1
* What did Margaret Fuller want most for women and what did she achieve? Achievement Question #2
* What essay did The Dial Publish in 1843? Kolodny, Annette. Title: Inventing a Feminist Discourse: Rhetoric and Resistance in Margaret Fuller's Woman in the Nineteenth Century. Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Ed. Kathy D. Darrow. Vol. 211. Detroit: Gale. From Literature Resource Center. Schweikart, Patrocino. "Margaret Fuller." 1-8. Rpt. in EBSCO. Academic Search Dacus. Web. 9 Feb. 2011. 8. Personal opinion 50 pts (2 q's)
Achievements 100 pts (2 q's) Mainly discussed her works and included some biographic data. May have been biased, because he seemed to have admired Fuller and was adament about researching her. Article was cut and dry and very scattered, but still had resonable information for research. It followed the article. Owed much of her education to her father. She was born in in Massachusetts. She was the eldest of her parents surviving children. She had an extraordinary mind. She learned Latin when she was five. Latin classics were her ideal, they gave her ideas of how the world ought to be. She had this idea of "Roman Virtue," which she used in judging all personal realtionships. Purchase, Eric. Sarah Margaret (Fuller marchesa d') Ossoli American Women Prose Writers: 1820-1870. Ed. Amy E. Hudock and Katharine Rodier. Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 239. Detroit: Gale Group, 2001. From Literature Resource Center. Later on in life, after she had gone out into society she become one of the many Trancendentalists the German Trancendentalists is where she developed a lot of her rhetoric styles. In 1843 The Dial published one of Margaret's essays, The Great Law Suit. Then later in 1839, when her mature career started she became editor of The Dial. In 1846, Horace Greely invited her to join the staff of the New York Tribine as a book review editor Women in the 19th Century helped inspire the Seneca Falls Convention. She was close friends with Emerson. Also spends some time talking about how Fuller really wasn't that acute of a writer. That she was better equipped in speech. She had a quicker wit in speech, which could explain why in her letters she can be so effective. Woman in the Nineteenth century is considered less a book but instead "a long talk." States that she was trained so well in rhetoric that she had the tools for leading an opinion then getting people to supply their own ideas. Goodwin, Joan. "Margaret Fuller."Google. 1976 Web. Albreicht, James. The American Renaissance in New England: Second Series. Ed. Wesley T. Mott. Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 223. Detroit: Gale Group, 2000. From Literature Resource Center. American Travel Writers, 1776-1864. Ed. James Schramer and Donald Ross. Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 183. Detroit: Gale Research, 1997. From Literature Resource Center. “Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman.” http://thinkexist.com/quotes/margaret_fuller/
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