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8 Stages of the Cambodian Genocide

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marcos lima

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of 8 Stages of the Cambodian Genocide


People under the Khmer Rouge rule before the start of the genocide in 1975 were called "Basic People". They evacuated all cities and all of the citizens were called "New People". People of the eastern zone were forced to wear blue and white checkered scarves. This meant they were to be killed. The equivalent of a Star of David during the Holocaust.
Monday, June 2nd, 2014
1. Classification
The khmer rouge dehumanized the Cambodian society by making a false statement that they were influenced by the Vietnamese people and helping them in the war against the americans . They first started to kill the educated people to have any interference in the genocide . In order to achieve the ideal communist model they believed that all the Cambodian people needed to do labor work in one large federation of farms . The Khmer Rouge also interrogated its own people, and executed members on suspicions of sabotage. The only way to insure your survival is by working alot , even the old , handicapped , ill had to work and the children suffered from not knowing how do alot of stuff.People who refused to leave their hometowns and villages were killed on sight and who ever looked like they were against the regime . They also killed people who were speaking a foriegn language , wearing glasses , smiling or crying .
8 Stages of the Cambodian Genocide
The Cambodian genocide started in 1975 during the Vietnam war. The communist group Khmer Rouge were the perpetrators and the innocent Cambodian citizens, the victims. The Khmer Rouge believed that people had been effected and exposed to the outside ideas from the Vietnam war. They killed and targeted educated people for a competition free society. Victims were seperated by race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, and class. These targeted traits associated with "imperialism", or disloyalty to Cambodia
Everyone of a religious or ethnic minority was killed. All who were educated, spoke a foreign language, or wore glasses were arrested, tortured, and murdered. The glasses symbolized that the wearer could read and proved they were too educated for the competition free society the Khmer Rouge was trying to achieve.
Many of the Khmer Rouge members were killed because they accused them of being traitors. This is no surprise many of their own died no where as much as the rest but a good amount.They laws involving not being able to do anything it didnt much matter if you weren't anything similar to Pol Pot and the Khmer Rogue you were killed.

During the Cambodian genocide that lasted 5 years from 1975 to 1979 around 1.7 million lives were lost.That is 21 percent of Cambodia's population.If people did not leave their homes fast enough they would be killed right on the spot.Before the victims were tortured and murdered they were all photographed.The Khmer rouge would basically torture their victims for any reason if they coughed , sneezed,snored or laughed,etc,.

Anyone who refused to leave or join were killed along with others who appeared to be in opposition to the new rules and society. People from entire cities were forcefully evacuated to the country side. Surviving in Khmer Rouge depended on your work skills. Which many did not survive . Since many of them couldn't bare virtual slave labor, most of them died of starvation and illness and the rest were killed off by the Khmer Rouge.

While many died those who survived had a tough battle.Since survival in Khmer Rouge depened on your ability to work, any one old, handicapped, ill, and children suffered an enormous amount of sabotage and torture.Cambodians that survived the purges and marches become unpaid laborers working on minimum rations for limitless hours.They were forced to live in communes (which were similar to military barracks).
Children would be separated from their parents and sent into labor camps.If you were not killed you would be sent away to a labor camp you would tortured and fed a horrible diet and you would receive no pay at all.People would die of executions, disease, starvation, exhaustion and starvation.The Khmer rouge would also brainwash children into becoming part of the Khmer rouge into becoming part of the Khmer rouge , they taught them to hate their parents and many of the children's victims were actually their parents.The Cambodians were tortured in various ways including electric shock, hanging,searing people with hot metal instruments and they would also drown them pull out their nails and cut them and pour alcohol on the open wounds so it would burn. The Khmer rouges motto was"to spare you is no profit,to destroy is no loss".
They first made the kids separated from the parents to make the parents sad and work for them to get there kids back . And they made rankings for people who were helping in the genocide . They didn't have the kids and adults together ,they also documented people who were in the concentration camps . They also evacuated Phnom Penh . The old people were the peasant class and the new people where the city dwellers
At the beginning of 1995 mass graves were uncovered in Cambodia that brought the perpetrating group to justice,but it has been a dificult.Then UN called for a Khmer rouge tribunal in 1994.The trials later began in November 2007 and continued through 2010.The mass graves that were uncovered later became a memorial for all of the victims who have lost their lives,ther is also photos on the walls.
Many perpetrators were already killed though with the military struggle with Vietnam and all.And later in 1997 Pol Pot was arrested by his own kind the Khmer rouge.A mock trial was later done and of course Pol Pot was found guilty.He later died a year later in the year of 1998 of natural causes.The few remaining members of the Khmer rouge were officially disbanded in 1999.
Those who survived were brought to public communes which were similar to military barracks. Since they worked endless hours and were given little food making it in the public communes wasn't . Unexpectedly many of their own members were killed . The Khmer Rouge stood alone with their actions and plans
What can Beebe Students do to get involved with the issue of Genocide ?
1. Beebe School can start an afterschool program to teach students about the 8 Stages of Genocide.It can teach how to indentify the stages and how to prevent them .
2.Another possibilty is creating a website for kids to educate them on the 8 Stages of Genocide.If we are aware of the 8 Stages of Genocide and can indentify them we can prevent them from happening
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