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Jasmin B

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of telegraph

A mind that is free to believe
and dream, leads to greatness and ultimately creation Some Silly Some Great Samuel Morse A man with an idea The person who made the Telegraph famous A machine that was used for transmitting messages in the form of electrical impulses which can be converted into words by a
code How did it become known? The $30,000 grant given to Samuel Morse to construct an experimental telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore which was 40 miles was received poorly. There was a lack of interest in the telegraph. The Telegraph is.... When and Where: When?
The telegraph was invented in 1838.
(The telegraph was invented during the Industrial Revelation.) Where?
The telegraph was invented in New York. What does it look like? How did the Telegraph impact.... Economy......
Telegraphs reduced the ammount of money
used for other comunication which impacted
the economy. People's live's.....
The telegraph let people send messages across country.
The messages could go a longer distance. Before people
had to send by foot now there is a faster way to
send messages
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