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Creative Writing: Haiku

No description

Michele Gendron

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Creative Writing: Haiku

Creative Writing: Haiku
Create Your Own Poem
Haiku is a traditional Japanese poetic form. Usually, nature is the focus.
Modern Haiku can have any theme
Create your own haiku.
It can be one stanza, or it can continue and be extended into several stanzas. All of the stanzas should have the 5-7-5 form.
More Examples:
The violet sways in
the gentle cold North Wind -
summer's end begins.
-Cadee Christian
Haiku poems have three lines and 17 syllables. The first line has five syllables, the second seven, the last five.
Cherry blossoms fall
quickly to the ground below
no more attachments.

-heather burns

Little brothers, ugh
Mom says he has to stay but
I say why not vote?
Like medieval knights
Armor clad, in fields battle
To reap victory

Udiah (witness to Yah)
The Rainbow
after summer's rain
God's promise is remembered
glorious rainbow

Udiah (witness to Yah)
This tree was made with ink. There are many ways to create an image that can accompany your haiku.
Haiku and Art
You might want to think of yourself as a tree, metaphorically. What season is most important to you? Why? Is there more than one season or type of tree that means something to you? (Type in trees of all seasons to view more pictures like this.)
Other Art Ideas
More Student Samples
Through the Darkness
by Molly Bankert

Quickly strike a match
Touch the flame to the candle
Guide me through the dark.
by James Erdman

State maps, county maps,
paper maps or Google maps:
find the location.
by Lucinda Saufley

Lips are chapped and raw.
I reach into my pocket
and swipe on chapstick.
"Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted"
by James Erdman and Lucas Neville

Nine lives to keep mine
I will work in the darkness
I will serve the light

Just for Me
by Lauren Ashby

I sit very still,
Listening to the whispers,
The world is calling.
Majestic Creatures
by Joanna Bryant

Strong paws hit the ground
Fiery tails flick through the forest
Foxes hunt at night
The sun shines brightly.
Its light heats the Earth's surface.
The world comes alive.
-Ja'Nae Roberts
A key fits one lock
opening secrets inside
letting us learn them.
-Francesca Giardine
Eyes gazing sadly,
begging for a place to go;
the dog's shut inside.
The frost giants sing.
They lull me into a dream
frozen in my sleep.
-Riley Kelly
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