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No description

Adolfo Arreola

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Bahamas

Book a flight. Comfort Activities You and your family will be going to the Bahamas on vacation. :D You will be going there on plane (will be payed for you) You and one other family member will be able to go on this trip. There will be ten seats reserved just for you. So get to packing because the Bahamas is 1,296 miles away. You will be staying at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. It will be 1 room for two people. Will be staying at the Bahamas for 5 day's you can't miss out. Sunday morning we will take off (get there Sunday night?
On Monday night we will go to the local club and hang out by the bar.
On Tuesday afternoon a tour guide will tour around the beautiful island.
On Wednesday We will play beach soccer and have a little cook out.
On Thursday its your time to get souvenirs anything you need or want to bring home. Leaving in the night.
Obviously these activities are for adult's so keep that in mind. Your activities will be payed for all you have to do is pay 1/4 of the tickets.
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