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Panel Interview

Assistant Principal Position

Sonya Estrada

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Panel Interview

Experiences Philosophy Today's Innovators... Presented by:
Sonya Estrada I Want to be an AP course with Debi Tanton Student Success Background Provide Resources Productive Learning Campus Data Automating Respect Communication Technology Diminish
Academic Gaps Culture Relationships Motivator Implement
Curriculum ...Build Tomorrow's Future! Assistant Principal Discipline Testing Textbooks Appraisals Student achievement
and success Campus
Improvement Instructional
Leader Safety Motivator Completing 10 years of teaching
(all with MISD) Facility Representative for my campus Currently organizing Hispanic Awareness
Week on my campus Served as grade level chairperson Organized the campus Family Healthy Night and campus Science Fair Campus lead Bilingual teacher Conduct faculty meetings and teacher training Created the campus master schedule
this past summer Have assisted summer school principals with administrative duties such as: packing tests, opening/closing summer school, etc Have been a part of PST, LPAC and Ard meetings Served as district grade-level Bilingual Liason New teacher mentor Served as a member of SBDM and attendance committee Ideas for
Improvement Use dropbox to eliminate
overuse of paper and printing Facilitate integration with technology with use of iPads, computers, blogging, wikis, etc. Use campus data to find areas of weakness, and develop a mentor program where parent volunteers can come to the campus and read with students or practice math skills. Mother Happily Married Ambitious Rule Follower Outgoing Hardworking Responsible Detail
Oriented Bubbly
Personality Organized Caring Communicator Great
Listener Compassionate Four years of service at a monolingual
campus (Price Elementary-2nd grade) Completing sixth year at a bilingual
campus (Galloway Elementary-2nd, 3rd,
and 5th grade) Internship- Overseen by Wanda Mingle
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