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FBLA Meeting 1/14

No description

Cupertino FBLA

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of FBLA Meeting 1/14

FBLA Meeting 1/14
CSP Career Event
Thursday, January 28
Know any adults and parents who work in diverse fields?(doctors, artists, dancers, actors, firefighters)
Are they willing to speak to a group of 15-30 kids/adults about their job? contact:
or reach out to Aishwarya Laddha and Jehannaz Dastoor with their contact information.
Demo Bays #2:
Saturday, January 30th: 10-12pm
Cupertino High School
Bring: ID, pencils, business formal attire

Homestead Social
Saturday, January 16th
2pm- 5:00pm
Memorial Park: barbecue, food, and games
If it rains: indoor movie social

Open Competitions
Introduction to Business Communication
Public Speaking 2
We will distribute FBLA apparel at next week’s meeting.
Member of the Month
Bhavesh Manivannan
Future Award Recipients

Please congratulate the following people:
Leo Rassieur
Matthew Wong
Dhanya Jayagopal

UC Berkeley PBL iNetwork
Saturday, 2/27 1PM-4PM
No cost to attend
Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop
UC Berkeley Campus Tour
Mentorship Panel
Open Q&A Session regarding FBLA-PBL, how PBL works, Haas applications, college applications, our experiences, anything!
FBLA members will sign up for PBL mentors and exchange contact information
Sign ups will be posted on the debrief email
Transportation will be worked out during signups (BART/Carpool)
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