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command economy

corey and chris

corey young

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of command economy

Command Economy an economic system is which the government controls all production in distribution of goods and services. econimic deicision are not always made by individual companies, families or cultural groups. in a command economy production and distribution are directed by one person or a small group of people who the form the government. in countries with command economy a person or political party dictates the answer of all the economic questions. for example, suppose you are a part of a group making t-shirt for a special events. if one person
takes over the whole project it becomes a command system. the person makes all the decision while the rest of
the group follows orders. in countries with command economies a person
or a political party dictates the answer of all
of the economies question. everyone else role
is to obey or face the consequences. Military Spending some command economies are also military dictatorships or nations at war the government of a dictatorship is controlled by the armed forces. the military leaders makes decisions about product production and distribution of goods and services in many of these dictatorships people live in poverty with little education or access to health care many countries that spend heavily on their military often do not leave much for social services for example their are several countries in AFRICA AND ASIA WITH THESe TYPES OF GOVERNMENT Communist Economies about 160 years ago german philospher karl marx introduced the a new type of economic system the communism. a communism is a system that supports common ownership of the means of production. an economic and political system in which people would work together to prodce goods and share them fairly. communist political revolutions took pace in russia in 1977 and in china in 1949. It also spread to several nations in Africa, Asia and the island of Cuba Canada At War During the first and second world war, Canda economy was temporarly controlled by the government under war measures acts. Canada and other nations involved in thewar also switched to n economy centered on the productions of weopens and military equipment. Factories that normally make cars, farm machinery and home appliances made military instead Cuba: A Communist Command Economy Until 1957 American companies invaded heavivly in cuban sugar, tobacco and fruit plantaions most Cubans were very poor, with little access to education or health care In 1958-1959 Cartro's communist forces overthrew the cuban government and seized any american-owened buisnesses and property on the island To this day the Us government forbids its citzens from visiting cuba In cuba the government decides what to produce and how to distribute goods and services cubans live with only the necessities, and deal with sortages of comsumer products BY: COREY AND CHRIS
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