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this is about flappers

Tan Turtle

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Flappers

Double click anywhere & add an idea this women in the 1800s
women in the 1920s First used the term to the U.S half reflects and half cheating the images and style of the flappers as lovely expensive and about nineteen. Held auentuated the flappers image by drawing young grills we a ring unbuckled galoshes that would make a flappers noise when walking in the 1920s a new women was born. she smoked ,drank, danced and voted in the 1920s the women cut her hair wore make up and went to petting parties. she was giddy and took risks. she was a flappers
it is that grils parkid their corsets when thay were to do dancing .the new energetic dances of the jazz age required women to be able to move freely somthing the ironsides didnt allow drink
this womens in the 1800s
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