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RenWeb - ParentsWeb

Accessing RenWeb for the first time. Logging in. Utilizing and Access information available in RenWeb.

Bill Jordan

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of RenWeb - ParentsWeb

RenWeb Accessing First Time Users http://renweb.com http://fayettevilleacademy.com A new window will open where you will need to enter the email address that you have provided to the school. Click the create account button and RenWeb will send you an email link. The link will be active for 6 hours. Click the link you received via email. A web browser window will open and you will be asked to enter a password. Your password must be at least six characters and contain letters and numbers. The next time you login simply enter the District Code, Username, and Password. Returning Users http://renweb.com OR http://fayettevilleacademy.com OR School Information
Student Information
Family Information RenWeb Overview Calendar
Resource Documents
Web Forms
Surveys School Information Daily Schedule Code - A, B, C, or D day

Full Calendar of events available on Dynacal which can be access on the FA website. Calendar Search Capabilities
Filter by Grade or Class
Includes Parents, Students and Teachers Directory A list of all your students classes can be accessed here
Grade book Report (More Information Later)
Homework and Lesson Plans
Resources - Specific resources for each class are available here. Instructors may provide Notes, Worksheets, Power Points to be downloaded and Website Links. Classes Forms (Emergency Contacts, Sports Physical)
Student Handbooks Resource Documents Demographics
Periodic Surveys Webforms and Surveys Student Information Student Home
Lesson Plans
Schedules Provides a summary and quick access to:
Classes (Class Sites)
Class Grades by Term
Lesson Plans
Attendance Student Home Select Classes from drop down
Grades are organized by categories such as Homework, Classwork, Quizzes, Projects, and Tests (Varies depending on class)
Category and Assignment weights displayed Grade Book Report The function of these two areas are the same but provide different information
A daily summary of all classes is available
Print Daily: List/Grid View (Only Homework, not Lesson Plans)
Print Weekly: List/Grid View Homework and Lesson Plans Provides a list of your student's absences by class
Reasons for each absence
Absences are sorted by term Attendance Your students schedule is available by term
Printable Schedules Includes a list of Parent and Student profiles for your family
Web Forms and Surveys are also available
Username/Password can be changed Family Information
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