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Pure Michigan Goes International

No description

Becca Freybler

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Pure Michigan Goes International

Partner with other Midwestern states to create an international campaign
Pure Michigan currently partners with Great Lakes USA to promote internationally.
They currently have reps in the UK and Germany.
Would lower Pure Michigan's costs by not having to have a physical employee overseas.
Pure Michigan Campaign Background
Campaign was launched in 2006 by the Granholm administration to create a new brand for Michigan.
From 2006-2009, "Pure Michigan" ads brought 5 million out of state visitors to Michigan.
Ads utilize voice-overs from actor and Michigan native Tim Allen.
Pure Michigan Goes International
Budget History
2013 budget: $25 million
Currently a $200,000 budget for the UK in partnership with Great Lakes USA.
Governor Snyder proposed a budget of $29 million for 2014 to boost international marketing.
Every year the budget has increased and has brought more tourists to Michigan.
Our goal is to develop a strategy that will bring tourism from the UK to Michigan to draw in revenue.
The Beginning of Pure Michigan
The program is run by Travel Michigan, a business unit of the Michigan Economic Development.
Is the state of Michigan's official tourism promotion agency.
Primarily focuses on the Spring and Summer seasons.
Rose to success despite financial hurdles from the Michigan State Government.
International Marketing
1. Gathering data.
2. Interview with Dave Lorenz from Pure Michigan.
3. Make a list of questions to ask him.
4. Interview people on the street in London.
5. Figuring out how, where and to who we are going to advertise.
6. Narrowing down our focus cities.
7. Choosing a company to use for travel and tour guides.
8. Cost of travel in Michigan compared to the UK
9. Figuring out positioning, segmentation, and our target market.

Increase the international budget
The state of Michigan recently approved a $4 million dollar increase in budget for Pure Michigan internationally.
Pure Michigan had a $200,000 budget for the UK and Germany combined before the increase.
Focus on promoting these Michigan cities:
Social Media
Segment and Position
Segment based on the London interviews
Create a positioning map
Finalize the project details
Prepare to present to the class
Present our finished project of bringing PureMichigan to the UK.
Prepare to launch our campaign in February 2014.
Phone interview with Dave Lorenz
Be prepared with a list of questions
Interviews Round Two
Randomly interview Londoners on the streets
Be prepared with a basic list of questions for further research
Video record
Success & Competition
Ranked by Forbes (2009) as the sixth best tourism promotion campaigns in the nation.
Credited for a $2 billion increase in tourism spending in 2010
Has teamed up with Coca-Cola and now sponsors a NASCAR event (Pure Michigan 400 at MIS)
Has received 10 Mercury Awards from the National Council of State Tourism Directors in the past 6 years- more than any other state.
Began competing with Illinois after the state launched an ad called "Illinois: A Place" in 2010
Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun-Times: "The Illinois ad doesn't compare the brilliant 'Pure Michigan' effort that has touched our emotions and no doubt lured countless tourists to that nearby state."
The Tube:
Time Table
Plan different group tours
Group tours are a big trend for Europeans.
Plan group bus tours using Circle Michigan.
Partner with travel agency, The Travel Mall, here in the UK.
Use puremichigan.org Trip Planner to show potential visitors what there is to do.
Vacation Trade Shows
Not much of a budget. Currently it is at $200,000 for the UK and Germany
There is not much public transportation throughout Michigan. Europeans are used to using public transportation everywhere they go. Would have to rent a car to get to most places.
Europeans can get temporary passes to drive in the United States.
Transportation is not a deal breaker.
Research Methods
Primary Research
Interview with Dave Lorenz from Pure Michigan.
Interview Londoners on the street in London.
Mission: Increase leisure visitor spending in Michigan, thereby increasing business revenues, employment and tax collections.
Many Europeans think Detroit is CLOSED.
Gain publicity through the UK's sports culture
According to our interview with Dave Lorenz, trade shows are a big advertising tool for European countries.
Hand out flyers and materials to give information to potential visitors. (e.g. Visitor Guides)
When really...
Detroit still has so much to offer!
Mackinac Island
Traverse City
Target Market:
Family- Friendly
Las Vegas, Nevada
Disney World, FL
New York
Washington DC
nderstanding needs and wants of our international marketing.
elationships and trust with international travel agents.
xcitement - raising excitement about Michigan's amazing cities.
Secondary Research
Pure Michigan presentation from George Zimmerman
Pure Michigan Website
Online facts about the international market
Dave Lorenz
We asked Dave Lorenz how they are overcoming Detroit's perception as a bad city:

DL: "Detroit is perceived as all of Michigan internationally. Many do not know about our small communities. Our goal is to promote those small communities and that all of Michigan is not like Detroit and that Detroit is not as bad as you think."
Becca: "What is the most important aspect to having a successful international campaign?"
DL: "Building trust and building relationships with international travel agents and their clients that may potentially travel to Michigan."
Becca: "If you had more funds, what would you do?"
DL: "Do what we are currently doing but bigger. Things like having full-time staff overseas, sending people personally to many travel shows, and having people focusing only on the international markets."
Video Interviews in London
Full transcript