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QADM Project

The Project

Farrukh Saeed

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of QADM Project

NBS Budding Enterpreneurs Mission Statement Our Product QADM Analysis Decision Analysis Now that we are almost done with most of the analysis that we could, based on the available data & survey,

Medium Size Tea Shop, serving its customers the best blend of Tea (Masala & Others) in an environment to soothe the nerves while enjoying the company of friends & family. Tea is the 2nd most preferred and widely consumed beverage in the world. It’s healthy, an “affordable luxury” and offers a range and depth of tastes.
In Pakistan, tea is popular all over the country and holds an integral significance in local culture.
The traditional Masala Chai is a spiced beverage brewed with different proportions of warming spices. Following techniques have been applied during the course of this project.
1. Decision Analysis - Project feasibility
2. Break-even Analysis - Profitability & ROI
3. Linear Programming - Staff Scheduling
4. Linear Programming - Optimized Advertising Expense.
5. Regression Analysis - Tea/Coffee Sales Forecast
6. Simulation-Queuing - Customer Serve Timings Market survey of similar tea/coffee house.
Estimation of Initial setup cost and operational expense was done based on following,
Real Estate Valuation
Supply chain working
Consumer Market Survey
Net profit/loss calculation in different states of nature.
Breakeven point calculation resulted in Let's Start It Masala Tea House To reinvigorate the sensual experience of traditional tea. There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Make something that people Like Objective Masala Tea House aims to provide a unique and stimulating experience to our customer base through an exclusive mix of traditional tea expertly blended with Herbs & Spices. It plans to mark its image as one of the finest brands for all sections of society. Goals To establish a healthy market share within 12-15 months of launch.
To open a chain of Masala Tea House in main cities of Pakistan.
Negotiate a wholesale tea supply arrangement with a reputable tea supplier Decision Tree Analysis Five steps taken during Decision Tree Analysis were
Whether to Open Large/Medium/Small Scale Tea-House.
Drawing the Decision Tree.
Probability Assignment -
Pay-off calculations
EMV Calculations Conclusion - Medium Facility Regression Analysis Forecast of Tea/Coffee sales is based on its dependency on certain independent variables like Weather & Age. Sales = 554.23 + (-12.93) x Avg. Temp. + (-0.794) x Avg. Age P-value being less than 0.5 which signifies that Linear Relationship exists among the set of variables. Linear Programming Based on the earlier techniques applied, 2 key challenges faced were

Media Selection for Advertisement

Solution - 75,000 x AW + 92,000 x BB + 85,000 x FB Staff Optimization for varying customer forecast. Constraints:
1. 5 full time workers
2. Full time workers are given a day off during week days, so 4 are available during weekdays
3. Part time workers work for minimum 4 hours/day
4. At least 02 full time workers at any time Simulation modeling Linear Programming Simulation modeling is used to simulate expected number of customer arrival and their Order/serving time Assumptions:
Tea/Coffee 4 min. per person
Juice/Shake/Smoothie 5 min. per person
Hot/Cold Beverage with Snacks 7 min. per person
Probability for arrival: Probability for order:
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