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James D'Annibale

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of WolframAlpha

What exactly is WolframAlpha?
Being a computational knowledge engine, WolframAlpha takes information that has been put into its system and is able to compute almost anything based on that information (Wolfram Alpha LLC, 2013).
"To make all systemic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone (Wolfram Alpha LLC, 2013)."
They are trying to gather all possible pieces of information so that WolframAlpha will be able to compute anything based on data.
What WolframAlpha is NOT
Shouldn't we be hiding this from our students?
Doesn't this ruin math homework?
What about chemistry homework?
And our students need to learn long division don't they????
WolframAlpha: The Search Engine That Does Not Search
James D'Annibale May 12, 2013

Why do we assign homework?
Which picture do we want?
Cannot figure out the answer
*Frustration helps no one. (Jezbeck, 2012)
Able to check WolframAlpha
*After trying on her own (Comas, 2007).
I understand...but what exactly can WolframAlpha do?
It really depends on your given topic. Topics on WolframAlpha include:
Statistics & Data Analysis
Places & Geography
People & History
Culture & Media
Money & Finance
Many More
WolframAlpha can help drive your instruction.
When teaching the steps of a math problem, the step-by-step instructions could be right in front of your students.
Also, if a student is "stuck" on a problem for homework, he/she can check to see on which step they made their mistake.
Current weather and historic weather patterns can be displayed.
We can also compare weather and climate for two locations
Statistics could be as simple as the most common total when 5 dice are rolled.
Statistics could be as hard as calculating sample sizes for a given population with a .03 margin of error.
Finding Standard Deviations could also be double checked after students work on it themselves.
Comparing cities for Geography class is a breeze.
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates can easily be practiced with WolframAlpha.
Compare oceanic information in a heartbeat. It would take a Google search of each ocean and a website for each ocean to get this data elsewhere.
Students can view relief information of landforms like on the right and then compare two landforms such as the image on the left.
Social Studies Teachers always want students to compare countries. If not using WolframAlpha, a student would need to go to CIA World Factbook twice.
Students can check homework problems.
Circuitry can now easily be explained.
Image shows the flow of liquid around a cylinder. Now images like this don't have to come from the textbook.
Pro Features
Data Input Features

Image Input Features

CDF Interactivity
Try it out and see what you find!
Inputting data from a spreadsheet will allow WolframAlpha to analyze your data. This is merely a sampling of what was done with this data about fundraising by members of the House of Representatives
This data being analyzed is from a consumer study looking at differences between male vs. female and consumers of three different states as well.
Flight Prices to different locations
WolframAlpha can edit the ladybug picture in any of these ways.
WolframAlpha analyzes many pieces of information about the picture.
Picture Editing Capabilities
3-D objects on WolframAlpha can be manipulated.
Use the right and left buttons at the bottom of the presentation. Throughout the presentation, you can zoom in and out to see details by moving your mouse to the right of the screen and clicking on the + and = magnifying glasses.
To view full-screen, click on the button at the bottom-right of the presentation.

Conclusions: WolframAlpha should be used in three different ways. It can be used to help teachers deliver effective instruction. It can be used by students to help check their homework. Finally, it can be used to gain new information for projects.
(Wolfram Alpha LLC, 2013)
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Image]. Retrieved from
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*Prezi does not allow websites to go without being hyperlinked
Place your mouse in this image and press play.
Place your mouse in this image and press play.
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