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Julie Jenkins

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of AMH SOAN101 W15

Out of Africa: Anatomically Modern Humans
Out of Africa: AMH
200,000 years ago
Total Replacement Model
vs Partial Replacement Model
Interbreeding with Neandertal - 80,000-50,000 years ago
--Middle East, then Europe & Asia
Interbreeding with Denisovan
--lived in Asia 400,000-50,000 years ago
Multi-Regional Model
-Genetic Evidence
-"mitochondrial Eve"
-measured variation in mtDNA within different populations
-variation greatest among populations in Africa
We know this is incorrect b/c
-Fossil evidence
Debates about "Behavioral Modernity"
"Creative Explosion" 40,000 years ago??
Pinnacle Point, southern Africa
165,000 years ago
Blombos Cave, southern Africa
73,000 years ago
Apollo 11, southern Africa
26,000-28,000 years ago
Why did this cover of Newsweek create a controversy?
Why has the evidence of AMH's from Africa as fully formed difficult to accept?
-social evolutionary theories
-biological racism/social darwinism
-poor understanding of the evolutionary process
--different environments are going to necessitate different kinds of technologies
--doesn't correspond to mental capacity
Gatherers & Hunters
Why did scientists assume that women couldn't hunt?
How should we interpret the Venus statues?
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