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Material Possession Love

No description

kristy Zhang

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Material Possession Love

Targeting lonely people
Why do people love materials?
Why do people love materials?
Why do people love materials?
Types of Love
Consumer Perspective
Material Possession Love
Material Possession Love is a property of a consumer's relationship with an appropriated possession.

As data revealed, some consumers do form relationships that----in their own minds----blur the distinction between human and object relationships.
Material Possession Love
People love People
People love Pets
People love Materials
Consummate Love = Passion + Intimacy + Commitment
Triangular Theory of Love
Anastasia Zadorozhnaya
Melis Yucel
Zhang, Chao

Zhang, Huazhi
Zhang, Jiaxin
Zhang, Jiajian
Zhai, Kai
Zhang, Qian
Zhang, Xinwei
We are Group
Love is made up of three components: intimacy, passion, and commitment.
—— Robert Sternberg
Romantic Love = Passion + Intimacy - Commitment

Fatuous Love = Passion + Commitment - Intimacy

Companionate Love= Commitment + Intimacy - Passion
need of control
Adaptions to interpersonal deficits.
Some people's relationships with their cars appeared to remedy social isolation, which is a source of pain and disappointment for many for today's world.
—— McPherson et al.
Why do people love materials?
People buy products to highlight/hide aspects of the self.
marketers develop distinct product characteristics.
Consumers donate their time, money and energy to foster beloved possessions
This leads to social isolationism
The result:
Increase in number of lonely individuals
- Life is complicated – people need a sense of control
- Objects offer controllable and predictable relationships
Those who are in love with their possessions are more likely to buy complementary products
Marketers can use online advertising to reach such people
However, some people buy complementary products and services to improve their possession
Triangular Theory of Love

The Definition of Material Possession Love

Types of Love

Consumer Perspective

The Reasons for Material Possession Love

The Marketing Practice

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