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Picture of me!

No description

hannah mccafferty

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Picture of me!

- One of my biggest weaknesses is reading and science.
- One of my strengths in school is definitely history, i love learning about war and the holocaust!
- One of my weaknesses is vocabulary, i have a tough time if i dont know what im reading.
- One of my strengths is health science because i want to be a physical therapist.
Favorite subject: history
Favorite food: pizza
Hobbies: Softball

Weaknesses and strenghts
My life!
My motto to live by
My pet peeves!!
-When people chew there food with there mouth open

- When people are never on time.
- People that walk slow in front of me.

My learning style
My learning style is visual. It describes me perfectly. I like looking at something for example a power point or poster board. I remember it better then listening to a person.
I am a dove!
This also describes my personality perfectly, i am very sensitive and to myself. I would rather be by myself than in a group. And i tend to get nervous around a big group of people. I never speak unless it's absolutely necessary.
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