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How to efficiently create a compile track

Assignment for week 2 of "Introduction to Music Production" at coursera.org

Daria Jablonska

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of How to efficiently create a compile track

by Daria Jablonska Efficiently create a compile track Hi, my name is Daria.
I will show you how to efficiently create a compile track from multiple audio tracks using your DAW. Glenn Gould was the splendid, legendary
Canadian pianist. He was fascinated with
audio recording technique and possibilities.

He could spend HOURS in a studio, choosing the right take, the right bar, the right note even, editing them to compile an outstanding performance.
But Glenn did all that using a MAGNETIC TAPE!!!

Now, with your DAW, it's so much easier!! You may do this automatically in your DAW
using "Composite track" option.
But also you may do this manually. If you have few takes (let's say 2 takes)
of the same part, but you're pleased only with bits of each, create a new audio track with input set to NONE, set a grid too.
You may name your new track too. Choose a part of the performance you really
like from take 1 and take 2.
Choose SCISSORS tool to cut the best parts of your performance.

Then copy the best bits to the new audio track.
Take this step as many times as you need to create your BREATHTAKING TRACK. Don't forget to crossfade regions
in your new compile audio track,
to make it smooth and seamless. You may change the shape and
range of crossfade manually too. When you're pleased with your compile, merge all the regions
in this track
to create a performance
of your dreams!!! Glenn Gould Cutting and copying the best bars to a compile A bit more of cutting and copying... Crossfade and merging Assignment for week 2
of Introduction to Music Production
at coursera.org Today DAW's are very precise and let you cut and crossfade single notes,
or even single vowels!!!

Glenn Gould would be happy having such a great tool as DAW :) Thank you for watching :)
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